The Best Newcomer in the Smartphone Market

The Smartphone market dominated by Apple, Samsung, and pursuers like Huawei. There are still many other exciting manufacturers. Introducing newcomers, are worth a look.

In the premium segment which is duo polarizing Apple / Samsung for years in the saddle, most smartphones beyond 500 euro, which will be sold in Germany, are from one of these companies. Because nothing should change in any time soon. Though features much more dynamism and excitement in the mid-range and entry-level range. Here we see a race for years down, when it comes to the price. The Smartphones are getting better and cheaper at the same time, what hard is true above all established brands such as Sony and HTC.

The driving force and the big winner of this development are Chinese companies, which roll up not only the markets in emerging and developing countries, but in this country ever more and more ground. It is therefore no surprise that four of the five presented newcomers come from a Chinese brand. Customers also benefit from this development. Because the technical level has become so good that they must live no longer, even if they take only 200 euros in the hand. The design has taken a giant step forward – now aluminum is used even in entry-level models.

Alcatel and ZTE

The French brand Alcatel is TCL, a Chinese Electronics giant with billion turnover and more than 50 000 employees. Honor is a subsidiary brand of network operators and Smartphone manufacturer Huawei is worked up in Germany to third place behind Apple and Samsung. Also ZTE is an industry heavyweight from China, which accounts for a large part of its revenues with the network technology. That the Chinese can build also smartphones, makes it clear mini premium the axon.

The development of OnePlus is particularly interesting: the start-up was founded until 2013 in the Chinese tech metropolis of Shenzhen and generated revenues of more than $300 million a year later.

The Spanish company BQ is the dazzling exception in this Quintet. The Aquaris x 5, it shows that good and affordable smartphones in Europe can be developed. BQ is can’t stop but the big trend: the future of Smartphone is made in China. But in the photo gallery, read what the young brands have to offer and enjoy the variety in the market.

The best smartphone newcomer

In the gallery we introduce smartphones by young brands, certainly with the square Hirschen Apple, Samsung & co. can keep up with.