The Best Smartphones up to 200 Euro

Today, with a manageable budget, you get a Smartphone with contemporary technology and display with HD resolution or high-speed Internet via LTE. We present the ten best Smartphones that cost less than 200 euro.

  1. The best smartphones up to 200 euro
  2. Smartphones up to 200 euro: the winner

Who wants to spend no more than 200 euro for its next Smartphone, currently has a wide range of devices to choose from: alone among the top ten in this price class display sizes can be found from 4.7 to 5.5 inches, the phones weigh from 135 to 153 grams.

The used software platform however dominated by Google. Most smartphones work with Android. A Smartphone has managed 10 with cyanogen OS in our top, based as well on Android. Up to 200 euro, the best ten smartphones come from eight different manufacturers.

To observe the price range under 200 euros

Generally you should know in this price range which is important, because without compromise, it isn’t. Who wants a really good cell phone camera, have mostly still more to spend, otherwise you should check more closely the candidates: some endurance and reception are very weak. Who is on the road especially in underserved areas and the Smartphone often in hand, finds but also instruments with excellent transmission and reception quality.

Older models often making cuts at the facilities. LTE for fast Internet have now almost all on board. Who wants to install many apps, should pay attention to a possible large internal memory. Who wants to use your phone as a music player, needs an expandable memory. And on the older Android models, there will be probably no updates on the next versions. There are also some fairly current smartphones, which have made it into the top 10 to 200 euro.

The top 10 to 200 euro at a glance

In the Gallery, you will find all equipment of the top 10 smartphones up to 200 euro with current price and test score. Can not get confused: sometimes multiple devices share the places are tied. On the second page, we introduce the test winner.

Top 10: Smartphones up to 200 euro

The ten best smartphones up to 200 euro in the overview. With the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) and the LG X power are the honor 5 X.

Test winner: Honor 5 X

The honor 5 X came to the market launch in the spring of 2016, with an RRP of EUR 230 and has now fallen below the 200-euro mark. You can see him its price with its aluminum casing does not at first glance. But with the luggage, which complete the housing and the wide margins around the 5.5-inch display’s can not completely deny its price range. So the honor with 152 x 76 mm 5 X is relatively large.

For a 200-euro Smartphone, it is nevertheless well equipped: it has a full-HD display with high brightness, a middle-class processor with eight cores and 2 GB of RAM and a fingerprint sensor. The 13-MP camera offers only standard fare and shows a high amount of noise especially in low light conditions. For the price range that’s OK but.

As the operating system now runs Android 6 on the honor 5X. About the UI EMUI’s, which is known also by Huawei Smartphone. It offers an iPhone-like operating concept no app drawer and some extras, such as a comprehensive app management.

Only half is freely usable with 8 GB of internal memory. For this are separate slot for a micro SD card and a second SIM card available. In the test lab, the honor revealed 5 X also excellent wireless properties and a good endurance.