The Fragmentation of Android, That Fallacy

One of the arguments put forward by advocates of iOS to Android rant is the fragmentation, that problem bringing crazy developers and in the Apple platform does not exist. Is it really an issue fragmentation? Is it the weak point of Android? Is it best iOS precisely because they have no fragmentation?

Referred to as fragmentation to the presence of simultaneously on the market of a variety of versions of the operating system, as well as of varying sizes and screen resolutions in which the system executes.

There are Android terminals of a wide range of capabilities at the level of resources, quality of their screens (size, resolution, color depth, resistive/capacitive …), and which run from versions 1.5 Cupcake to the 2.3 Gingerbread, passing through all the intermediate. 2.4 and versions 3 Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich are on their way, and They also coexist. And to that we must add own Motorola, Sony Ericsson, HTC customizations…

Meanwhile, at the other side of the Galaxy & #8230;

On the “ side ”, as much would talk about 3 g, 4G and iPad. But where many see a problem, for my fragmentation is a sign of wealth, variety. Against the rigid scheme offered by Apple (which is not bad, just a different strategy), Android offers terminals and qualities adapted to very different needs. Would you like a small and inexpensive terminal? Would you like a portable computer center? Would you like a mobile-handheld? Would you like a physical keyboard? Do you want a big screen or a smaller? Would you like a half term? Everything there is.

I repeat: Apple there’s fragmentation is not negative. Simply put, Android and Apple sold different experiences. Whereupon, turning to the fragmentation of Android, is nothing but a richer range of smartphones. We could say, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone7, Bada, Blackberry OS, MeeGo and HP Palm OS, that smartphones are very fragmented. Wealth is not the variety of alternatives?

Fragmentation and the end of the world

As for the problems that they attribute to the fragmentation, seem to me a fallacy. Is program to the desktop a problem, because it is highly fragmented? There are plenty of varieties of PCs, and they nonetheless take applications for PC. They agree with me developers Android, as the TweetDeck, which recognized that fragmentation is not a major problem.

In short, no tear garments the variety of cases of Android, we will. There is mobile with more or less power, with best or worst screen. It’s nothing that doesn’t happen in other platforms, and it facilitates people to have access to smartphones there low range option.

And the real problem is & #8230;

What if I see as a problem is the customizations. Sony Ericsson high-end terminals will remain on Eclair, or terminals to take months to receive their updates while turn company fits your style, It is what really gives a bad name to Android.