The Hub for MacBook

This morning I was answering some comments arrived at night on my review of the MacBook, and I looked up the banner of a USB HUB-c. I clicked to learn more and I found that it was a KickStarter project started on 5 May. The objective was to 35 thousand dollars, but they have already reached 325 thousand and will come much higher given that the campaign will end next June 15. The Hub + by Nanda is actually a very promising project, which integrates in a single device with many doors and features. Not least was created with great care in design and ordering you can choose the color of the aluminum to match perfectly with our MacBook.

By connecting the USB port Hub +-C produces through Carswers:

  • 2 additional USB ports-C
  • 1 SD card reader
  • 1 mini DisplayPort 1.2
  • 3 USB-A 3.0 that support recharging
  • Portable battery

Basically this little device managed to make space for a small internal battery 400mAh that allows you to recharge your smartphone. The capacity is very low, but it is a feature that in case of emergency can be helpful to have a few extra hours of battery life on the iPhone.

Considering all its features the price is very interesting because you can buy it for $79. With $86 you will have the HUB + plus a USB adapter-USB-A/C and $93 a HDMI adapter. All the details and the option to purchase can be found on the project page.