The Latest From Formspring

Our Rafael Luik reader noted that never before in the history of our site had spoken of Formspring. Well, let’s take then the service has added some new features over the past two weeks to finally comment on the famous service (with about 14 million users in early July) where people can ask at will without you even know who asks.

Ask all your friends: From the 2nd of this month Formspring allows you to ask the same question to all your friends (or a subset of them) without resorting to Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V (or ⌘C / ⌘ V, if you use a Mac). Just go to your home page, enter the required question (a good question, please) and choose which friends you want to send your question.

Reusing questions (part 1): This is already in the air since last Friday (9th). If you are not happy with the few questions we have received and feels rejected because nobody wants to know anything about your life, your problems are over. Now just visit the page from others and click Answer , then you can answer the question that was asked the other person as if it was made ​​for you.

Reusing Questions (Part 2): If your problem, on the other hand, it is no shortage of questions to answer, but lack of creativity to ask, simply keep silent so why not take advantage of the questions that others have done, right? Just choose one of them on the page of any Formspring user and click the Ask Friends. This will open a panel that will choose for those who want to do such a question.

Protect your Formspring: Finally, this novelty is well chilled, out today. For those who are accustomed to Twitter, it seems it will work similarly to the protected profiles from there. Just go to the Privacy Settings and select the option Protect My Account. Be warned, however, that doing so will remove all his followers, who will receive an email telling you that you decided to protect your account and will have to apply individually you let them accompany you and see your answers again.

All information comes from official Formspring blog.

Opinions about the service here in the newsroom of our site are divided. We have Rafa and John who promise that they will never have an account on Formspring; we have Thássius that has a page on service but says that it is closed; we have Mobilon answering your questions with irregular frequency (the last time was two weeks ago); we have, finally, the present writer, who (after long time rejecting the service) have just created a Formspring with the vain hope that will only appear intelligent and pertinent questions there … We’ll see…