The Mobile Networks of Switzerland in Comparison

So far, Swisscom was subscribed in the Switzerland despite very strong competitors in the first place. But there is a change at the top at the Confederates.

The Swiss providers provide in the connect network test always surprises. Traditionally the bar in the land of the Confederates is anyway already extremely high – it was that all three network operators achieved the grade “very good” in the past few years not uncommon. Now we have adapted the requirements again upward – and yet the year’s winner manages to climb in the landscaped 1000 points grid just above the mark of 950 points and thus for the first time in the history of the network tests in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the word mark “outstanding” to win.

This sensation is also accompanied by an unexpected change at the top. But the two other Swiss candidates achieve still the grade “very good” – and all other than short. But one after the other.

Voice connections?

As the tested elsewhere, the team of P3 in the Switzerland have taken the quality and stability of telephone lines within the framework of its drive and walking tests under the magnifying glass. It showed quickly that most tested scenarios Sunrise slightly nose front has. Quite clearly, this applies to the phone out of the car in larger cities. In more rural areas (both smaller towns as well as on the tested link roads) but then shrinking the distance between sunrise and Swisscom on one or two points.

The opponents of sunrise and Swisscom are the walking tests in Swiss cities even par. Salt remains in almost all language disciplines on distance to the leadership duo, performs but still very good. While Sunrise? and Swisscom have noticeably improved compared to the last year, remains the earlier as “Orange” well-known providers and large on previous year’s level. In the Switzerland, Swisscom is supported so far the only network operator, the VoLTE. This modern connection technology, which ran a part of test calls, contributes to the excellent performance by Swisscom in the discipline of language. When the final bill of this category Sunrise has yet just under the edge.

Data connections the placements and tendencies of language tests are reflected almost identically in the discipline of data.? The biggest overall improvement compared to the previous year can list in this category of Sunrise for themselves. This is reflected clearly in the big cities, where the distance to the very strong Swisscom in the drive tests even somewhat more clearly than in the walking test. So, Sunrise made the impressive success rate of 100% for example in file downloads from the car and playing YouTube videos. In smaller towns and roads the leading duo in the discipline of data is, however, almost the same high level.

Even when the data measurements, salt must satisfied with the third place – meaning only but also in the case of data testing that Sunrise and Swisscom compared with the previous year could increase, while salt is also high level of stable. In this context, considering that salt is not least attacking his two strong competitors with aggressive tariffs, is also the? Offer of the runners-up in the Switzerland interesting – especially since results of salt especially in comparison to other countries still at a very high level are.

Mobile phone in the car?

? What has become apparent in the voice and data measurements in large and small cities, as well as on roads, also applies to the calling and surfing in Swiss railways: even in this discipline Swiss cell phone customers about the best results of their network provider in the Tri – forward comparison – with clear distance.

The high performance and reliability achieve the Swiss networks for demanding use in trains, and anyway not simple Swiss topology is indeed remarkable. In detail Sunrise is phoning on the train slightly forward, while Swisscom minimally achieves better results in the data tests in the car. Salt is an excellent third place in the Swiss railways both voice calls and data transfers.

More information about the network test in Switzerland, in Germany and Austria as well as the individual reviews of the operators and detailed tables of results in connect 01/2017 – now on newsstands and through the connect Aboshop to order.