The Production of iPhone 7 Is Begun: Three Models on the Way

If it was up to the latest rumors, Apple started the production of the next iPhone 7, where there are not only two, but three different models along the way.

If there is a smartphone in recent times, there have been conflicting rumors about in terms of design, specifications and names, it should if someone is said to be the upcoming iPhone 7.

The latest rumor from the website Mobipicker doesn’t the confusion less. Of the new rumor it appears that Apple has begun production of the new iPhone 7 on the two factory halls Pegatron and Foxconn. It is there not something unusual in itself, as it typically occurs some months prior to publication.

The interesting thing is that there are not only two models on the road, as it typically is seen, but on the other hand, three. The first two models are, not surprisingly, the normal iPhone 7, as well as the larger Plus-variant. It is expected that these two variants are coming.

Less expected is that there will be a more luxurious variant, which will get the name iPhone 7 Plus Premium or iPhone 7 Pro. It is still unclear what will separate this iPhone from the regular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Rumors have previously gone on, that it will be the double 12 megapixel rearcamera with a sensor with optical image stabilization and a second sensor with 2-3 times optical zoom, which will be reserved for the third and more luksuiøse variant. Conversely, it also sounded that this is news that will separate the iPhone 7 Plus from the small iPhone 7. It is so midelst not to be clever on iPhone 7-rumors so far.

There is therefore nothing other than to wait for any more rumors will form a clearer picture of what Apple’s strategy will be with the coming iPhones, which according to the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, don’t get “many salgsargmenter”.