The Smartphones with the Best Performance for the Price

Much Smartphone for the money? Then, these models are the right choice. We present you the best price performance connect Smartphone leaderboard.

To buy a good Smartphone was never as easy as it is today, because with few exceptions, all producers control the construction of mobile phones now inside out. The actual art, however, is to offer good and high-quality smartphone at a particularly attractive price – because the mobile world is Samsung and co., which just pull the equivalent of the next rent out of pocket the user not just from the partly sinfully expensive top models from Apple.

The look at the leaderboard pays off

But how do you find these rare Smartphone pearls that will entice you with the best value for money? connect readers know long time ago that the best starting point for such a search is the leaderboard for mobile phones in each edition of connect. Here you can see not only the main models of the last 24 months in a large test summary, the reader can compare also the technical data and results in the various disciplines.

In addition, connect Specifies not only the price recommended by the manufacturer, but for each issue to determine the current average price of Since then also a second or even third look at the leaderboard is worth to find the price-performance-winner – finally no one pays like too much.

At the end of surprising results

We have taken over the search for you and picked out the current top deals. The order has some surprises. The editorial in this ranking would have expected honor – the-low cost subsidiary of Huawei – also a model from the House, but none of the models made the leap into the top 5.

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Another surprise is that a model of Samsung clinched the third place. The Koreans are otherwise more known for very good phones not just affordable, but there actually is a prominent exception.

The basic requirement for a consideration in this ranking were a test in the last 15 months and an overall score of at least 400, because it comes also to the performance, and not just the price. The order is calculated directly from the current average price at and reached the connect test points. In the latter case, the be spotting of the basic functions, which dominates every Smartphone, was removed.