The Smartphones with the Best Reception

The reception is more than the question of whether or not it has power. The connection speed depends on as a good wireless connection, such as the quality of the language. We show the Smartphones with the best radio properties.

In the early days of GSM networks, everything was simple: either the mobile phone had power, or it had none. In between, there was only a very narrow band with particularly grayish voice quality, but the sound even if the best connection was not particularly good.

Today the situation is quite different. The contract, Smartphone, and supply conditions are met, the Smartphone with LTE contacts. In the best-case scenario that can happen with LTE advanced CAT 9 in all three of the available bands, resulting in a currently theoretical maximum speed of 375 Mbit/s in Germany.

Bad radio costs bandwidth

In practice, this carrier aggregation is still a rare exception (CA) in three bands, in the connect network weather we measure regularly but occasionally top speeds of around 250 Mbit/s. But also you are rare and have poor reception or to low transmitter power in a band can reduce the LTE connection to half. The LTE radio power is generally weak and rather it is located on the edge of the cell, so the signal strength decreases, who received the cell from the Smartphone and the Smartphone from the cell. Because everywhere approximate constant but inevitable errors, errors in the transmission of sneak. The network tried to compensate by choosing less failure-prone encodings to transfer.

But where the data rate decreases. There are very bad, the LTE network to a hopefully more existing UMTS network tried to redirect. To prevent this, it makes sense to make sure when purchasing a Smartphone on the LTE radio quality. For UMTS reduced the transmission rate to 42 Mbit / s, and this is the ideal case. Only a holder is available, the speed is halved and large distances between phone and cell transfer rates also further reduce until, if necessary, on GSM must be turned back.

Who wants to not hang in this relic from the old days of digital mobile telephony, and who shuns the diminished voice quality of so-called Halfrate-codecs and talking about with friends, relatives and business partners better in HD quality, does so well to pay attention in the choice of its smartphones on the radio properties. LTE, is most important followed by UMTS and GSM as emergency nail for the telephony in remote locations and in older Repeater cars of the Deutsche Bahn. With a strong wireless smartphones featured in the Gallery, then the best possible connection is self-evident.

Top 5 Smartphones: Reception

Smartphone provides the best reception? In the Gallery, we show the Smartphones with the best radio properties.