The Watch is Ticking Microsoft

The software giant will in a few weeks presenting its first smartwatch with a battery life of two days.

Within the next weeks, the US software giant Microsoft to be ready to showcase its first smartwatch that can measure the owner’s heart rhythm and function across various mobile platforms like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. Thus overtakes Microsoft rival Apple inside track on the new IT market.


The battery will be able to clear two days of normal use before it needs recharging, writes American Forbes. If it fits, Microsoft will have an advantage over Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch, Sony, LG and Motorola smart watches, all of which last only a day. The same apparently applies to Apple has not yet released Watch, which, according to several reports have been sent to the workshop, after Apple CEO Tim Cook presented it in September along with the new iPhone phones. He avoided deftly talking about battery life but later said that Apple Watch must be recharged every night. Apple’s clock will be first marketed in 2015, i.e. after the big Christmas sales.

Away from pure Windows

Microsoft will not even comment on the reports about the new watch. It will, where appropriate, Microsoft’s first technology to take on. Microsoft produces a bit of hardware, including its own tablet PC series called Surface, and last year bought Finnish Nokia’s mobile business, which now runs on the Microsoft Lumia brand as the most important.


Microsoft was in January this year a new CEO, Satya Nadella, who on several public appearances have emphasized that Microsoft’s many products must function across ale equipment. Eg. came Office suite in a smaller version for Apple’s iPad in March to stress that Microsoft rates broader than its own Windows world, which still supplies most of the revenue for the software giant.


Since April 2013 there have been rumors of a Microsoft-clock. Smartwatch is a whole new category of technology that all the major manufacturers are now counting on to offset a declining PC sales and now a declining Tablet PC sales, as markets are saturated, and people bought equipment that can keep for some time.


Focus on health and wellbeing – even at night

Unclean, like the latest smartphone phones, focusing on health and wellness and offers all in some way to keep up with that one feels good, by measuring the activity – even during sleep – and could show it in specific health applications.


The smart watches are a brand new product category, that is an opportunity to sell more consumer electronics. Technology to take on the expected according to research firm Strategy Analytics to provide a sale of $ 37 billion in 2020, compared to one billion US dollars last year.


The first watches of its kind came two years ago – in silence. Since the noise is taken, and the design resembles no longer a prop in science fiction series ‘Moon Base Alpha’.