The World Of Dots, a New Abstract Puzzle for Android

Come on Play Store, for the time being still in beta form, a new puzzle with abstract graphics. We are in the world of dots, and our job is to retrieve it from the absolute chaos that is he putting in order its inhabitants. Yes, we have a storyline itself: the ancients created time makes a world of order and symmetry. Every dot had its role-the blue ones were the rivers, the Red decks. We must rebuild that world and bring it back to its former glory.

The mechanism is very simple: we can rotate (90 degrees clockwise) a group of four dots at a time by pressing right in the middle. Our goal is to connect all the dots of a certain color, recreating so rivers and bridges. The number of moves is limited.

During the 75 levels (structured in three chapters) that make up the adventure, the plot continues, letting us know so many characters and helping us to understand the history of this strange world.

The World Of Dots is a game completely free, without advertising or in-app purchases. Is currently in beta and available shortly on the Play Store, but the early reviews seem to appreciate the title. Interested? We leave you the trailer and the download link.