These Are The So-Called First Images of The Latest BlackBerry of The Own Manufacturing

BlackBerry road in recent years has not been nothing easy. After a series of falls and promises unfulfilled by its directors, Canadian Builder smartphones have fallen in the hands of TCL which is, basically, building replicas of your Alcatel models but with the brand of black Mulberry. Although its CEO said that the original designs is not just.

Completed the move to Android, with a black horizon for current users of BlackBerry OS, John Chen already warned that its main feature, the physical QWERTY keyboards, would return to its catalogue. And just now, we have two leaked images of a terminal BlackBerry unknown so far and has precisely this keyboard. We take it with tweezers when it comes so early filtration but it looks real.

The latest BlackBerry… manufactured by BlackBerry

In the two images which Crown this article we have the so-called new BlackBerry with physical keyboard and with some interesting features. Such as the fact that, at least in what can be seen, your keyboard is not hidden behind the screen as it is the case with the BlackBerry Priv, or that it would be a pure Android smartphone. Unfortunately, the version we know but it aims to be Nougat.

There are many fans of the Canadian company that have moved away from it after his scarce and few competitive offer at terminals in the past few years, being drawn mostly towards an Android that, with some exceptions, offered almost the entire suite of BlackBerry within your shop tools, and officially.

The most important apps in the market have gone away from the BlackBerry operating system, from Facebook to WhatsApp, and Chen boys found in jump to Android a good escape route to remain in the field of smartphones. Its seal, Add your security software to Google’s operating system, offering an extra at times few insurance.

This future BlackBerry smartphone with physical keyboard already looked timid way in November, in statements by its CEO. Along with the announcement of his imminent arrival, the bad news for fans of the brand that would be the ultimate smartphone 100% BlackBerry. We will wait for more information about this BlackBerry with physical keyboard that You can finish entering history as the latest BlackBerry. As if the history of the terminal had been written by Richard Matheson.