Top 5: the Best Music Smartphones

A life without music is inconceivable for many. So it is good, that are always with Smartphones and now true musical genius. Learn which models offer the most here.

The music playback today represents one of the most frequently used features of a Smartphone without a doubt. No real surprise in this age of audiobooks and the numerous streams – services, such as Spotify, Deezer, or even Apple music. Music is always available. So it is only logical that many manufacturers pay special attention to the music of their models.

Special functions are expected

Functions as a cover display or an equalizer to adjust the sound to your own preferences or to compensate for weaknesses of the headphones, give rise to cheering storms – today they belong to the standard repertoire. Also play of almost every audio format can be if necessary easily via app retrofitted, if the native music player of the Smartphone not already mastered this.

The special goodies has, however, yet not every phone on the Pan: so, Samsung already offers and HTC lately on an Einmess-system that brings its own hearing and used headphones reconcile. A clearly balanced sound image can be achieved with this Trump. Some models already dominate even playback of hi-resolution audio files with a resolution of 24 bit / 92 kHz, if the improved reproduction quality based on the ambient noise mobile not to perceive.

The base must be

Such features are sharp, but the basics – once are what really matters in everyday life, and she determined individually connect for every Smartphone. So, the main features of the headphone output in our own laboratory are measured. This is the frequency response, to provide most neutral reproduction, distortion, to determine the degree of distortion, the noise and the maximum output voltage, thus demanding headphones – usually high impedance models from the field of home – use your Smartphone can be operated properly. Because one should be clear: the supplied headphones are always only a weak compromise at the sound.

When choosing the best five music Smartphones has the measurements exactly looked at connect and create the ranking. The requirements to get on the short list: The frequency response must be linear, the distortion under 0.02 percent and the noise reaching at least 100 dB. Who can have also a high output voltage, has a good chance to land far to the front.

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