Turntable from Roksan Xerxes 20 +

Turntables are only after two decades of legal age. Also the Roksan Xerxes 20 + is now one of the adults.

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Starting from a correct idea, a good turntable must grow and mature. There is no model that would have perfectly sees the light of day right off the bat. Also the Xerxes was not presented as he in 1985. With its elegant system of decoupling – and damping levels that allow each other are only exactly defined movements, Roksan founder Touraj Moghaddam was aimed at the former place deer Linn LP_12. The great Xerxes actually exceeded the LP_12 in some disciplines of sound and was in the late 80’s, one of the well-known players from the realm of the right-hand drive. To the chagrin of his fans, he was also a reliable source of highly original defects in the first few years.

Matured for 20 years

The design features and components, which once led to worry, can be found today in HiFi archaeological collections. With more than 20 years, the Roksan occurred ripening period (hence the “20” in the name) in the evolutionary stage of the “best years”. Who believes that comparable time just on the weekend can design and build at a wage cutters allow, commits a grave error.

The Xerxes is not a typical sub chassis drive and certainly not mass construction. Whose basic idea, namely to create a most extreme ratio of inertia and propulsion-related disturbances, recreates the Xerxes with a drive concept whimsical at first sight that probably has always been the most important distinguishing feature in this player. A synchronous motor, the Roksan source the heading is not fixed, but can be freely rotated mounted on a low-friction bearing. Only a soft spring prevents the unit from to turn instead to put plate in rotation around itself. Only when spring camp is fully deflected in the ramp-up, get the whole motor force on the belt. In operation, however, the motor returns to its rest position from which short-term irregularities are stabilized just. A tiny, virtual Motörchen arises from the normal engine in this way, the ground neoprene belt turned into a long, highly elastic rubber band. Alternatively, you could say that the actually medium plate compared to the torque steer can feel really hard.

The Bill is but only if no errors are caused also by the platter bearing. At the Xerxes is a delicate, straight time pencil-thin, however long wave (length-to-diameter: 11-to-one) hardened steel ensure that rotates in a socket made of phosphor bronze. At the bottom of the axle sits on a small ball of ultrahartem tungsten carbide. We meet again the material several times in the Xerxes: he is the contact point in the three refined, optional spike feet, and he replaced the usual steel balls in the precision ball bearing of the tonearm maxim. Like the Xerxes, also the maxim is a classic that works through meticulous model care better than ever before. Only the pendulum counterweight, which on the one hand deeper sets the focus of the arm is getting used to, but ultimately completely unproblematic, on the other hand at not quite plates him plan gives a fascinating agility.

The centering trick

Sounds more dramatic than most waves the eccentricity of the most plates effect however. A wobble by two millimetres – on modern pressings unfortunately generated already so dramatic, even increasing from outside to inside pitch fluctuations on the agenda – that even the blessed HiFi-DIN is 45_500 with their permissible quarter percent in unreachable distance. Echevarria a slab that is one evil; any high-tech efforts be waste to optimize synchronization.

If Exchange is not an option – usually eh whole batches of press are affected – with regular players, remains only the careful drilling of central hole with subsequent manual centering. An ugly, tedious, dangerous story that also the sales value of the plate practically AutoMapa. Brings us my favorite feature on the Xerxes: a removable means Thorn. It was originally developed to minimize the transfer of bearing noise on the plate. Fine by me. It is much more important in practice that remains in the disconnected condition enough air around the center hole to Center even mega eccentric LPs with three or four Schubsern on the edge of the plates perfectly. This is much easier than it sounds; the human eye as a meter and the (when!) Pickup as a point of reference is enough.

Dancing Persian King

Clear that also the pickup Shiraz belongs to the complete, classic dishes of Xerxes, as well as the best possible, only 12 kilo heavy motor control with integrated Artaxerxes Phonoteil – as such identical with the audio 12/03 tested DX-2. Who wants to save budget, should start at the pick-up system have become by now quite expensive. Also the new Benz Glider fits for example, gorgeous – the universal medium Maxim hardly limits the choices and get amazing also out of affordable mass-produced MCs.

The 1920s brought the fabulously wide and accurate spatial representation of his predecessor (one of the points where I preferred him even my LP12), held same wonderful balance between contour sharpness and timbre enjoyment, underpinned this but with a much stronger tone range. That is not surprising given the EMT genes of the Shiraz off button, but also with other, more sober MCs, the new Xerxes is more on the tonal warm side as previous incarnations. What does nothing to loose, unaffected naturalness of that player’s which make him after only a few drives. The Roksan is a player who Writes playing, who’d rather subtly differentiated as riots. That he not quite the pace, power and control recently again souped-up his Linn rivals (AUDIO 7/07) brings up, is no problem at all: he is much nicer slightly cheaper and in his new piano black outfit. And he saves the drills.

Roksan Xerxes 20 plus / maxim

Manufacturer Roksan
Price €0.00
Rating 110.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: B: 45.0 x H: T: 17.0 x 37.0 cm
Weight: 14.0 kg
Color High-gloss black, maple, rosewood
Speeds 33 1 / 3, 45 rpm
Construction Sub chassis + shock absorbing feet
Height-adjustable feet
Speed conversion electronic
Tone arm height adjustment
Speed regulator mechanical
Pitchregulierung during playback
Drive Flat belts
Shut-off No
Measured values
Speed deviation 0%
Tracking rated 0
Measuring record 0 dB
Rumble noise coupler 0 dB
Power consumption standby 0 W
Lively, clean, very natural and casual sound
Arm height adjustment slightly tricky, no hood
Sound outstanding (110 points)
Sound judgment well over 110
tested in issue: 1 / 09