Twidroyd, an Android to Manage Your Tweets

There are customers of Twitter on Android for all tastes. Xataka Android have already spoken of a few. Namely: the official client, Web, Tweetdeck and Seesmic… The truth is that both in quantity and quality we can complain.

Today talk of Twidroyd a customer who last week became a makeshift protagonist to be blocked by Twitter. However the issue transcended not too and a few days later the application already worked perfectly. Let’s see What we offers.

The deTwidroyd interface: simple but effective

At a glance Twidroyd interface is rather sober and even a bit lower than other clients such as Seesmic or Tweetdeck. However perfectly meets its mission and we can see all the tweets quickly as well as access to all the options offered by the client.

In addition, if the original color schemes we don’t like Twidroyd offers us the possibility of Customize your appearance with different themes that you can download from the configuration panel.

LiveView: the great trick of Twidroyd

It is more normal to find tweets with links and many Twitter clients do not end of managing them and integrate them correctly within the application. Most of the time we have to open the links in a web browser. Which personally at times find it me quite cumbersome.

However Twidroyd makes view links not only easy if not useful. Through a proprietary system called LiveView can view links without leaving the customer’s. If the screen is horizontal as vertical space is divided into two sections, on the one hand the tweet in question and secondly, large-scale, open link.

In addition LiveView integrates seamlessly with services such as twitpic, yfrog or instagram. Whenever we find a link of that type Twidroyd will show us in the tweet a thumbnail of the image and clicking on it will show you the whole picture without leaving the application.

Thematic lists and channels

Unlike other clients Twidroyd Yes allows the use of lists, Although the integration of these is quite improved since we can’t see them from the homepage if not we have to dig a little in the menus to see them.

On the other hand we have the channels: thematic lists created by UberMedia where can follow now from different fields such as sports, finance, culture, etc. A very interesting option but that however only gives us results in English.

Almost all customers of Twitter Twidroyd also has a desktop widget which meets its function but insufficient. The largest size is only capable of displaying three tweets and buttons to look at other messages is rather slow. The truth is that they could have used a system similar to the ADW in Pure Calendar and put a better scroll.

Twidroyd conclusions: a versatile and polyvalent client

Twidroyd is a Twitter client really interesting and with many things to offer. In appearance is fairly discrete but options and features is an option to consider. In addition, allows the synchronization of multiple accounts, something for example the official customer can do.

You can find Twidroyd on the Market in two versions. On the one hand the Free Edition and on the other the version pro by 2.89 euros . The difference is that users of the edition of payment received before updates. Otherwise both versions have the same features.