Unitek Universal 10 Ports USB 3.0 Hub

Increase the number of USB ports on your Mac without decreasing the performance you can, thanks to the solution of Unitek, a HUB with 10 USB ports to meet needs. On offer at Amazon.

Though most of the time you use your MacBook (or any other laptop) is on the desk at home, or if you have an iMac (or any desktop computer) and want to increase considerably the number of USB ports without suffering any loss of performance, then the solution of Unitek could do for you.

In essence it is a slim device that can be placed either vertically (thanks to the plastic base included) next to an iMac, is in a horizontal position by acting even as a stand for the MacBook: in fact design fits perfectly with the Apple devices. Unitek’s HUB connects to your computer’s USB port and expands the number and capabilities without affecting the performance of devices connected to it or the computer itself.

It is equipped with USB 3.0, USB 2 7 specifications for smart charging of connected devices (including iPad) and a USB OTG (an acronym for “On the Go”, this particular input allows a direct transfer of data from any external devices like cameras, external HDD, pendrive, MP3, iPod, and card readers) for a total of 10 additional USB inputs and can be used on both Mac OS X and 9 or higher on Windows XP and above.

The device requires an external power supply (12V/4A) through the power supply included in this package, and it is thanks to this system that ensures high performance even with 10 simultaneous devices attached to it. Self powered hard drives (more than one), USB, iPhone, iPad, and more: in each case the read/write performance of each of these are not altered in the slightest, moreover the HUB works from the first link instantly and without requiring the installation of any software.

If you are interested, you find it is currently almost 40% discount on Amazon at a price of € 49.99 including shipping. Even Amazon itself offers an alternative smaller (7 USB ports from Hbbltd.com) currently to € 32.99 price.