USB Hubs for Macs

Abbiniamolo to multiple Macs
If the main appeal is that of the iMac, the realization that combines aluminium with white polycarbonate allows to marry the hub to any recent model and extension cords allow the placing at a distance from the computer rather than the “natural” into the base that sustains all in an Apple.
We tried using a Mac mini installed in the living room, connected to a Mac Book Pro or hosted on a LED Cinema display.

Obviously the different shapes and sizes of the iMac support brackets (in various models) and monitor (in various models) do not allow the perfect coincidence of iLinx with support that hosts it but, as you can see from the photos the combination is always successful.

The test
To enable DPS above we must always connect the Firewire and USB together. The fact that we try to connect a variety of peripherals like USB 2.0 external DVD burner that each time it is connected to a hub like the aluminum Mac keyboard there always shows the prompt for external power.
Well, the DVD player has no problem to be seen and fed. The same thing it logs on with a 500 MB external hard drive that otherwise only works connected directly to your Mac’s USB ports.

More we made them with Firewire cameras, USB devices as third-party external webcam without having any problem in power management.
Have the USB and firewire ports placed in front of the screen (well below the screen) favors the temporary connection of devices to your Mac and the same thing is done by placing the elegant mobile Lounge on the inside keeping iLinx the little Mac mini.

Pros: great design, does not require external power supplies, expands the versatility of the iMac, Mac mini and Apple display.Feeding devices picky about energy demand.

Cons: nothing to report

Conclusions: a product right, perfectly in line with the Apple design and with excellent finishes.

Retail price: 59.99 Euros


Distribution: Iceberg Technologies