What Are the Most Lucrative Online Internet Business?

Great question, really? Whenever we think of the great Internet business think of Google, Facebook and large network 2.0 acquaintances, but the truth is that there is life beyond the eternal giants of Silicon Valley. Internet in the Fund is nothing more than a mirror of real life, and as in most of the cases, which succeeds in an environment also has its corresponding “digital reflex”.

What Are the Most Lucrative Online Internet Business

What are the most lucrative? Looking for answers

When I started to document for this item I tried to reach out to sources common to this type of requirement. Do we want to know the great fortunes of Internet? Indeed, Forbes was my first logical answer.

In this case what we are looking for are not the richest people of the online medium, but of sectors or more lucrative business models or that greater number of benefits generated for owners and investors, and unfortunately Forbes does not help too to discover unknown bliss. What if we have managed to know thanks to the great magazine are the types of business that bring greater profit margin (we speak of “analog” business, not online, at the level of us):

Accounting, tax, payroll services (net profit margin of 18.3%)

Legal services (17.4%)

Lessors of real estate (17.4%)
See all these types of business are closely related to the management and administration of assets, wages and properties. What is the “paperwork” life. Therefore, if what we have just said above is true, if we want to get rich on the Internet should open a web of administration and legal formalities, right? Hey, not so fast, friend!

Industries that move more money in the world

In the Fund business models mentioned Forbes are legal businesses that bring greater profit margin, but not counted other sectors further away from the rule of law, and that certainly also to move vast amounts of money.

At this point, we can go to the information that brings a series of economy website, as it is eleconomista.es, via Business Pundit, where we discover that industries as more money move in the world, this time, in a more realistic manner, they are as follows:

1 drugs (300,000 million dollars a year)

2 prostitution (108,000 million $ per year)

3 weapons (more than 100,000 million dollars a year)

4 petroleum (estimated at 2.5 trillion dollars)

5 pornography (97,000 million $ per year)

6 banking (115,000 million dollars of benefit during the onset of the crisis)

7 pharmaceutical (sector valued at 700,000 million value)

8 alcohol (market capitalization of the 5 largest producers of 227.000 million dollars estimated alcoholic beverages)

9 sports (only in the USA the four major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB) generate income of 17,000 million a year).

10 Entertainment (the largest in the world, the United States, entertainment industry generates $ 726,000 million this year)

This is beginning to look a bit more realistic, but we still do not know which are the most lucrative sectors of the Internet.

The most lucrative online businesses of today
Online media business model is constantly evolving, and although we can’t get realistic figures of industries or sectors most benefited economically, it found a common link that experts agree rating as the most beneficial to the pocket of the inverter.

1. the online training

Only in 2014 in Spain were formed 22 million users over the Internet. There is no doubt that the online distance learning is all a reef consulting business, universities and business schools are knowing to take advantage. Spain in this sector raised a total of 255 million euros in 2014.

Under a model training MOOC, with free training and quality, business is in payment for printing diplomas and certificates, time in which user must pay the corresponding amount in order to obtain the desired diploma.

2 – sale of Software Online and SAAS model

The sale of software online and SAAS (Software as a service) is one of the most lucrative business models of Internet. It is estimated that in 2016 60% of large software companies national income came from cloud, services in the cloud.

A not-too-large company like Evernote began billing to 11 million in 2010, 30 million in 2012 and 75 million by 2013, in a market that is clearly on the rise. Drawback is the difficulty to gain a foothold in a market that is saturated with offers and competition in some way.

3 platforms of online games

The gaming industry is one of the sectors that more money moves around the world, and also has managed to take advantage of SAAS service model, forcing players to make small micro-payments (sometimes not so small) to obtain improvements in the game, more levels and similar advantages.

For example, World of Warcraft managed a profit of more than 500 million dollars in 2008, but it is not an isolated case. Other games online such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Mapple Story or Shanda have raised numbers between 150 and 500 million dollars.

4 casinos, bookmakers and lottery online purchase

We continue in the world of online entertainment talking about casinos, bookmakers and lottery online purchase, other Internet giants in constant growth. It is estimated that by 2014 they came to raise up to 6.564 million euros, with a profit of 254 million euros, being the poker and sports betting the sector leaders.

The acquisition of a domain is essential in this type of websites as generalist as possible, a name that stands out above the rest because of its universality. Likewise, it is important that websites transmit confidence using secure payments and clean websites and scam-free. A clear case of success could be the web casino.com, a site in growth that includes the 3 pillars: General name, secure payments and clean interface.

5 movies, series, music and ebooks

The entertainment industry and the content online has not stopped growing in recent years, and you just have to watch the amount of streaming platforms that have flourished in recent years to realize the success of which are currently enjoying.

According to the study “Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014 – 2018.” Spain”carried out by PwC expected a growth of 36.8% to 122 million euros of income in 2018. Companies like Netflix (86 million users in 2016), or the same Amazon, with a revenue of 70,000 million per year, of which a large part sales of digital entertainment content, take it give good evidence of this.

6. sex on the Internet

We can not complete this list not to mention other big business of the Internet, the sex. Hard to find exact figures, mainly due to the large number of piracy that moves the sector, but we do know that around the world, the sex moves around 4,000 million euros per year.

Figures like these should not surprise us if we take into account, for example, that 12% of Internet websites are pornographic, 25% of the searches on Google are about sex and 35% of downloads are pornographic.

Other models of business online on the rise: blogging

All this kinds of portals, websites, businesses and services they normally require large investments or betting important groups of venture capital that they are willing to trust us.

The other side of the coin in trying to thrive on the Internet can be lto creation or the use of other types of platforms such as blogging, affiliate websites or advertising business. It’s another business model that allows us to thrive on the Internet without the need for a large corporation that we endorse, but like everything in this life requires dedication and effort in the long run. If you want to know more about how to earn money with a blog, please do not hesitate to take a look at our next article.