What We Expect from Android in 2017

This 2016 which we are about to dismiss will be remembered for the change in strategy of Google with its new Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosives, two facts marked as the best and worst of this year Android.

2017 presents itself as a very interesting year for the entire ecosystem of Android, manufacturers, where there may be significant changes throughout the year for both the operating system to change the market strategy.

Andromeda to compete against Windows and macOS

Relating to the operating system, expected this 2017 is Andromeda, the expected fusion of Android and Chrome OS It seems that this new year will finally come. Surely in the first months of year Google us surprise with Android or Developer Preview, the preview of Android 8.0 that surely already present a Desktop interface perfect for notebooks, convertible tablets and computers.

This could be the year in which Google will compete against desktop operating systems Windows and MacOS, offering a fully convergent operating system, which finally officially works in all time devices with Android and that you pay for an application and game and you can install it on your mobile, tablet, console or PC with Android.

A return of Nokia overhand

Manufacturers, most expected is the return of Nokia the market of mobile devices, which after selling its devices division at Microsoft in 2013 and recover its brand this 2017 with four mobile that we hope that they will surprise us become strong.

Nokia will have to put this 2017 meats on the grill to again capture the attention of those customers who lost already ten years ago when he climbed not full-time in the truck of smartphones. The signing Finnish should be opting to launch very few devices per year and which had some very reasonable prices, as did Motorola in its stage with Google.

More reasonable prices at the high end

Asian manufacturers as OnePlus or Xiaomi have shown us another year more than you can sell a high-end premium below 500 euros, front the more than 700 euros that usually cost leading manufacturers with similar specifications high-end mobiles.

As competition tightens more each time, and many people has already lost the fear of buying mobile import, we hope to see less expensive high-end devices, because we know that if they want to they can. The 3T OnePlus costs 439 euros and little or has nothing to envy to Google Pixel 759 EUR.

Pixel, Google Home, Assistant & Android Pay in Spain and more countries

The most important thing that Google has launched during this 2016 has not reached everyone. The new Pixel, Google Home, Daydream and Google Assistant have not come to Spain or any Latin American country. Not get the payment system Android Pay During its expansion in 2016.

We hope that this 2017 change the thing and that either more common the global launch for all markets, and releases not staggered by countries and/or languages. Here we already enjoy Android Pay the wizard of Google in Spanish and mobile payments.

Android Wear 2.0 and salvation of smart watches

East 2016 has been a horrible year for Android Wear, has suffered a significant drop in the market, sales have fallen and manufacturers have just released new models on the market.

In this 2017 is expected to be the salvation of the platform with two watches from Google Android Wear 2.0. We’ll see if the new version of Android Wear attracts manufacturers and consumers.

Android Things conquering our home

Finished this 2016 Google surprised us with Android Things, the version of Android for the Internet of things, or what is the same, for the automation of the connected home.

During the coming months it is expected that manufacturers begin to launch its first devices compatible with Google home automation platform, such as light bulbs, thermostats, speakers, and cia. we will see in a year if Google is already consquistando our home.

The year of the virtual reality with Daydream

With the launch of Android Nougat, Google is putting much interest by the virtual reality with Daydream. This year Google virtual reality platform to play much, since it will be his first year on the market, and its continuity will depend on the success that has. In 2017, it is expected that most devices of high end as the new Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 or new HTC are compatible with Daydream.

And so far all the most important thing we hope to see this 2017, but we hope that Google and manufacturers continue to surprise us with their bets. During the next 12 months we will leave doubts. Happy new year!