Whatsapp, the Incoming Video Calling on iOS and Android: Images

The acquisition of Whatsapp from the Colossus of social, Facebook, brought important changes in recent months, such as the abolition of the cost of an annual subscription to the service, and the recent introduction of end-to-end encryption in messages.

Now the focus is all focused on features vociferate but are not yet available, with special focus on the introduction of video-calls. After the first screenshot leak appeared last December, everyone expected an imminent arrival of feature during the first quarter of 2016, but as history has shown, anything you saw until yesterday.

And behold, the first images of the beta version of Whatsapp on iOS, where is well “video-call” icon at the top right on the chat screen, I propose to follow.

While the current beta version available for iOS devices is the site, the video calling feature is planned for a possible publication in these days, with build To test the beta version of WhatsApp with video function-call, you must have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed.

It seems then that iOS will be the first platform to enjoy them, followed most likely to tire even from Android, although there is currently about. Expect new details in the coming days, stay tuned.