Who Has the Best Cell Phone Network?

23 year we have already conducted communications our mobile wireless network test with our network test partner P3. With highest expenditure was determined according to objective and customer-oriented test procedure which network operators in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland are the best.

The results of our annual mobile wireless network test the connect in proven cooperation performs communications with the Aachen power test specialists P3, are expected by the network operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with high voltage. And probably there’s never been so sharp disputes and discussions in advance with individual candidates on issues like the Smartphone models used for the measurements, on the composition of the test tracks or the weight of voice and data results. Where ultimately all on a concern traced the arguments of the party were: individual candidates tried to gain benefits, where they meant to be particularly strongly and thus their competitors an advantage there.

We take’s athletic and consider the pressure built up by some operators in advance as evidence of the relevance and acceptance of our mobile radio network tests throughout the industry. End of 2016, we carried out our large mobile wireless network test 23 year. Together with our renowned power test partner P3 communications we have calculated again with highest effort our objective and customer-oriented test process which network operators in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland forward have the nose.

Longtime quality standard

Traditionally we capitalize fairness and transparency in our network test. But in all decisions on methodology and weighting is our top premise, how we can ensure the validity of our network tests for you, our readers. In principle, objectivity and reliable statements about the actual quality and performance of the networks in the first place are available for connect and P3.

The precise methods of the connect network tests in this article, we described in detail.

In the individual articles of the connect network test 2017, now read the answers to many interesting questions: Deutsche Telekom in Germany ranked could be one? How does the O2 network, after its operator Telefónica has started to put it together with the cell of the purchased E-plus network? Which party prevailed in Austria and of Switzerland, where the contest is held for years at a very high level?

More detailed information about the network test, individual criticisms of the network operators, and detailed tables with the measurement results for in connect 01/2017 – now on newsstands and through the connect Aboshop to order.

The results will please certainly not all test participants. But we take this as proof that we have done our job properly. Because only in this way we can ensure that really everyone on our test results can rely.

Overall conclusion: network test 2017

The battle for the top spot in the connect network test is run with great enthusiasm. We assess that almost all candidates despite more stringent test conditions will improve as proof that we contribute with our critical tests to a fundamental increase in the quality of mobile networks.

Against this background, the further test victory of Telekom in Germany is anything but of course–and a sign of great efforts. Also Vodafone has risen significantly in that stuff, but still remains two ranked. The expandable results from O2 can be explained with the current network mergers.

In the Alpine countries was hard fought — resulting in two republics in the changing of the guard at the top. In Austria, A1 manages to retrieve the winning Crown of the last year’s winner three. Especially the convincing results of language A1 give this victory. Although three compared to the previous year tangibly has improved, the daughter of Hutchison with wafer-thin gap falls back behind A1. T-Mobile Austria has made the biggest step in comparison with the previous year although, can not overtake but nevertheless the two extremely strong competitors.

Movement at the top is also available in the Switzerland: Sunrise manages to outdo the previous year winner of Swisscom’s mainly through a significant point increase in the data. For the first time earned a candidate in the connect network test in Germany/Austria/Switzerland therefore the grade “excellent”. Despite second place but also Swisscom compared improved clearly. And salt three lands under the federal party while on rank, but still very good results.

The high quality of the mobile coverage in Switzerland and also Austrian trains last but not least is remarkable – German rail customers can only dream of her.