Wikipedia Declares War on Pornography

Jimmy Wales, a founder of Wikipedia and pop star, Started a war against pornographic images hosted on the servers of Wikimedia Commons, site dedicated to host multimedia content to the free encyclopedia.

Administrators who wish to remove all images that have little or no educational value of the project has my full support and that includes the immediate deletion of all pornographic images. Only we should keep educational images about sexuality – in which nudity is not pornography – in all our projects, but judgments about the editorial quality must be properly made ​​and taste good ” , wrote the guru of free knowledge in a discussion page site .

Although no official statement has been made ​​by the Wikimedia on the subject, yet thousands of images of organs and sexual acts were eliminated from the project site, between historical and contemporary material, in addition to the page Commons: Sexual Content , discussing guidelines for the approval of potentially indecent images, have been reactivated.

Some rumors say that Wales attitude was prompted by allegations of Larry Sanger – co-founder who left the project in its early days – that the Wikimedia servers were being used to store child pornography. [Slashdot and Pocket Lint]