X Construction, Plays to Build Bridges

For lovers of games of brain I present X Construction, a game that will test your construction skills. The game mechanic is simple. We will have that build a bridge where will be a trouble-free a train full of passengers.

At each level we will have a different, different in size and relief ravine. For the construction of the bridge will have a number of beams that I will have to place strategically so that the train crossing it successfully to pass the level. If we do not put beams well bridge come down next to the train.

It is easy to see how the approach to the game. The graphics is simple, cartoon style. The Physics are worked, something that is appreciated, since the gameplay of the game depends on it. If you like games of construction and thinking surely this game you do not disappoint.

X Construction is available in the Android Market for Android 2.1 or higher. It has of two versions, the Lite, which is free, and the normal, that has a price of one euro. In both versions, the game consists of 12 levels. There is no advertising in the paid version, we have a new game mode, Free construction, where will have no limitations in the number of routes. In the future it will increase the number of levels and materials.