Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem: a Sub Brand for Many Device (Even a Rice Cooker)

Xiaomi continues to expand its brand and its services. Although in Europe it is not possible to purchase the products directly from the company, thanks to the import smartphones and devices Xiaomi are well known to our readers. The manufacturer, however, not only produces tablets, smartphones, TVs and smart band but also a number of consumer goods belonging to the smart home in broader sense.

To collect these devices and gadgets, Xiaomi has just launched Mi Ecosystem, a real under the brand that will serve as a business incubator. Basically Xiaomi will market and sell products under this brand, manufactured by other companies that could leverage the company’s expertise and funds which would be otherwise inaccessible to start your own business.

One of the examples is a rice cooker just launched. This is an electrical product (there are similar also available in Italy in shopping malls) that unlike other similar appliances, leverages wi-fi connectivity, you connect to your smartphone, scan barcodes of various types of rice and offers you the perfect cooking quality of rice you have.

MI Ecosystem is thus a new family that will be under the name Xiaomi but which will enable other smaller companies to carry out projects and particular products … of course in China.