YouTube Will Display Videos in 1080p

The option to watch videos in high quality on YouTube has been around since 2008 and demanded that he convert the files uploaded to the site. The process was certainly facilitated by the agreement that the video – sharing site closed with Apple in 2007 to display videos on an accepted format for iPhone and Apple TV, in this case using the H.264 codec. Shortly after, they announced that they will accept and display videos in high also the definition with 720p resolution, but if it were sent a file with 1080p resolution, it would be encoded to 720p.

Yesterday (12), Google announced the change this feature of the site and will begin displaying 1080p video from next week. Videos that resolution will be displayed in the expanded format of the player and receive the seal YouTube HD in the bottom right corner.

Billy Biggs, YouTube software engineer warns that they store the original copies sent and so those users who already have uploaded videos at 1080p resolution will have their re-encoded videos so they can be displayed with the highest quality now allowed. The new resolution can already be seen in the Toy Story 3 trailer.