Zeppelin Wireless Wireless Speaker

Zeppelin Wireless is the ultimate wireless speaker with design, finish and world-class technology. With both AirPlay and Spotify, Bluetooth Connect, anyone can share in the experience, whether you use Apple, Android or other.

Highlights Bowers Wilkins Zeppelin & Wireless – the ultimate wireless speaker with AirPlay and Spotify, Bluetooth Connect

  • Unique elegant design and finish
  • Very good sound quality and power of a wireless speaker
  • Supports both AirPlay and Spotify, Bluetooth Connect
  • Touch-button control on top (play/pause/volume)
  • Analog audio in (mini jack)

Zeppelin Wireless is the ultimate wireless speaker with design, finish and technology in absolute world class. Speaker specialist Bowers Wilkins have here set all sail & to in order to provide you with a unique product and a unique experience both for the eyes and ears.

Experience and technical solutions from Wholesaleably.com finest traditional speaker series is combined with today’s most advanced digital technology and a wireless functionality, which for the first time makes the Zeppelin experience accessible to all, regardless of whether the platform is called Apple, Android, Mac, PC, or else. And the sound quality is at a level that you never would have expected from a product in this category. If the wish list says a wireless speaker, you will find it not more delectable than here!

Zeppelin Wireless Wireless Speaker

All wireless music for all music lovers
With both AirPlay and Bluetooth, you can stream music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet, mobile and computer. This includes both your own collection, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, YouTube-audio etc Bluetooth running incredibly easy, without that you are depending on a computer network and setup of this. Airplay allows you, on the other hand, greater reach through your network, and from the Apple iOS, you can access all your iTunes music. In short, you have all the options at your fingertips.

Spotify Connect is brilliant for you already love your Spotify app. Here works your smartphone as a remote control for Spotify. It gives you much better battery life and stability in relation to to stream via AirPlay, and you can run the music from the same Spotify app, as you know in advance.

Easy wall mounting
With the dedicated wall mount (optional accessory) you don’t need to have Zeppelin Wireless standing on a table in order to get the best out of it. The wall mount allows you to hang the Zeppelin Wireless solid and elegant on the wall, for example, in the bedroom or out on a wall-mounted TV.

In the latter case, you can connect your TV audio through the Tv and the analog headphone output Mini-Jack input on Zeppelin Wireless. Then you have the wireless music in top-class and, at the same time, a television audio, which is far better than you would have gotten from the Tv’s own speakers.