14.1 LineageOS Is Updated to Android 7.1.2 and Adds Support for Other Four Smartphones

If there is something that has been earned the custom ROM LineageOS is to be known as worthy successor of CyanogeMod. Is true that had already warned home that collected the baton, but a server was a bit skeptical here. Luckily for the development community, this ROM is perfectly at the height of its predecessor.

While they continue to work on increasing his already on its considerable group of devices that support, now also getting hands to work on more upgrade your ROM to be placed at the height of the latest version of Android. Since a few days ago the phones and tablets that will be updated with the ‘nightlies’ will see that the operating system version is 7.1.2.

Although the Android version has advanced, it has not been in the case of the ROM, which is still LineageOS 14.1 and, moreover, continues to maintain the identity that had CyanogenMod, though, who knows if we could see significant changes in a future version. But for now they have dedicated themselves to fix some bugs.

LineageOS 14.1 is updated to Android 7.1.2, where mistakes are corrected, included the April security patch, and also added four phones to the list of supported.

In addition to fix ‘bugs’ minor, they have also solved the problem of drainage of battery that caused additional icons in the shade of speedy adjustments which had own ROM, as well as the subject of the Bluetooth connectivity. Taking advantage of this update, they have included patch security from April this year, which never comes bad.

An addition, that has nothing to do directly with the ROM, is that they are beginning to accept donations on its website, at the moment only with Bitcoins, but later also accepted them with PayPal, all to help pay for the servers. Without further ADO, then let the list of smartphones that have been added to the Group supported by LineageOS.

  • Moto Z (griffin)
  • HTC One M9 of Verizon (himawl)
  • HTC One M9 GSM (himaul)
  • LG L90 (w7)

Finally, the team of developers been temporarily disabled the ROM for the Nextbit Robin until, they say the major ‘bugs’ that is resolved is. If you are of those who use this ROM, we hope that the new version of LineageOS will be even better.