2.0 Picplz, Instagram Rival Android Updates

Just announce it and I’ve already updated to picplz 2.0, my application for take pictures, apply an effect y share my social networking favorite. Yes, Android still dont’s Instagram, the application aims to do the same, but that is still exclusive of iOS. Gives equal, because the guys at picplz indeed that they are putting the batteries, and substantially improve with each update.

So if you like to be taking pictures of any living creature, or your girlfriend, or your weekend fiestorros and, in addition, you like to share them with the rest on your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, foursquare), you know, you are taking to install or upgrade with the new version, which also comes with significant improvements:

picplz, best choice for casual and share them with your social networks

< li > now, if your mobile Android has a < strong > button to activate the camera </strong >, you can configure it from < strong > picplz </strong > so when pressed it launches the application (I wonder if iPhone can do something similar). < /li > < li > followed this, recall than before Enter the application, we entered directly in the camera mode. Now, now we find a simple but full screen options, all very hit thumb: < br / & gt;

  • Something very much needed and to me, personally, I didn’t from the previous version and have already solved. Now we will be able apply effects and share in our social networks a photo we had already stored in our gallery. Goodbye to the having to share what you’ve just photographed or you can go!.
  • Added the option of disable the geolocation by default. Well, before was only giving the Skip button (skip), but good, is welcome if not geolocalizas never.
  • And little more to (do you think little?). They fixed bugs of the previous version (this never lacking) and now, the TimeLine (updates of your contacts in picplz) have a more attractive appearance.

You know, forget about having to wait eternally Instagram, you don’t need it, we already you have a winning horse, picplz!