Looks like the guys from Google have quickly given the errors introduced in the update of Gmail 2.3.4 and error-free upgrade for all, is now available. Any apparent change with respect to the version prior to the erroneous, unless already synchronizes the colors of labels web version without problem.

Gmail 2.3.4, update eliminated by Google due to faulty stability (previous news)

In the early morning of February 24 (Spain GMT + 1 hours) Google put at the disposal of all the version of Gmail 2.3.4 in the Android Market. A few minutes ago, different blogs in the industry have reported that the update had disappeared.

Seems to be that Google It has removed it due to failures that were reporting users. According to the version 2.3.4 was causing failures of stability in those users that have been updated from the version 2.2. For these users, Google has recommended to uninstall the update from Gmail, clear that I guess they would have to return to the last update had and equal meets prehistory.

Also reported that all those users, like me, that we are always to the latest update (go forward), by this time went us well the matter, since that update from the version 2.3. x do not suffer failures of any kind.

In any case, if you are the Group of those affected and you refuse to go back to the previous version, you know, what comentais us and if it is possible to add a link to the screenshot when you jump you something wrong. Luck, blood brothers.

I upgrade, for whom we have installed the version 2.3.4, whether it is working right or wrong, if we click on the application in the application list of the Market, you will see that it gives the error of application not available, or, to be confirmed.