5000 ThL, Analysis of The Smartphone That Will Hold You More Than Two Days

Screens large and with high resolution, multicore processors to frequencies that reach 2 GHz, GPUs that offer graphics comparable to the consoles of the previous generation and a host of wireless connectivity technology make it one of the great weaknesses of these devices the autonomy of our beloved Smartphones.

Batteries are elements that have less advanced, technologically speaking in the past years and therefore the only thing we have seen is that to have more autonomy, the battery has to grow in capacity and physical size.

This is where comes ThL 5000 a 5-inch high mid-range with SoC smartphone octa – core MediaTek and a 5000 mAh battery, Yes Yes, you read well, 5,000 mAh and all within a fairly tight dimensions.

ThL 5000, design and specifications

Having read that it has a battery of 5000 mAh insurance that is thinking many of you that we have a large, thick and heavy smartphone, we are not going to deceive, is larger than other Smartphones in 5 inches of the market, but the difference is not so great and the advantages of carrying this battery are undeniable.

We will see the design of the terminal and its dimensions. Measures of 145 x 73 x 8.9 mm hint at a height slightly higher than the terminals in this size of screen and a thickness that it almost reaches the 9 mm and we saw in terminals of a year ago.

These dimensions make the terminal a convenient to use in the hand device and, in addition, its 164 grams (with SIM and built-in battery) places him in the highest weight Strip for this segment but remember, with a battery of duplicates in the majority of cases to the Smartphones see of 5 inch with SoC Mediatek MT6592 octa – core.

Let’s see in detail the technical specifications of the new smartphone from the Chinese company ThL.

5000 ThL, specifications
Physical dimensions 145 x 73 x 8.9 mm, 164 grams
Screen 5 inch IPS
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Processor MediaTek MT6592T, octa – core (A7) 2 GHz GHz
Graphics processor Mali 450-MP
Memory 16 GB + microSD
Version Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
Connectivity Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G (HSPA +) dual-SIM, FM Radio, GPS, NFC, OTG
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: 5 Mpx – 1. 080p / rear: 13 Mpx – 1. 080p and LED flash.
Battery Battery Li-ion 5,000 mAh (non-removable)
Price 201 EUR

The terminal is available in black or white, we have received from white and it has seemed a terminal with a good finish, plastic, but with a strong finish.

The back cover has a textured finish that improves the grip of it and hides beneath the two SIM slots and the Groove microSD to increase the internal capacity of the smartphone as well as the battery of remarkable dimensions as you can see.

As detail to improve we need to place on record that the speaker the Smartphone it is located in the rear and top simply has two slots in that area which makes that, if the smartphone is located bocaarriba on a flat surface is apantalle sound.

The physical connection of the terminal are located at the top, microUSB with OTG support and even to charge other devices and a minijack connector for headphones / handsfree.

As detail to keep in mind is to comment that on the left side is in the right and power/unlock button volume control unlike most terminals that centralize everything on one side of.

As you can see in the front, we have capacitive buttons under the screen and within the framework a small hole for the microphone can while at the top see the presence of the front-facing camera, a small slit for the speaker of calls and the proximity and light Sensors.

Com SBI can see is a rather sober and functional design for a smartphone that promises a range of up to 11 hours in navigation via Wi-Fi or 11.6 hours watching video.


We went to one of the sections that evolved over these years, not only in resolution, but in brightness, angles of vision and consumption. On this occasion we have to comment that the smartphone ThL 5000 mounted a display of 5 inch IPS covered by a Crystal Gorilla Glass 3.

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels What gives a pixel density of 441 PPP. It is a screen that shows a few colors and contrast notables from any point of view.

In terms of brightness, we find a system of automatic management that works well, but we believe that for interiors it is perhaps something high. In our tests, the display has been able to offer, with brightness to the maximum, 443 lux.

If we talk about the touchpad, is a screen that recognizes a maximum of 10 simultaneous touches so you won’t have problem to use any current application even in multiplayer mode.

As a remarkable point of this device we have that the resolution is 1920 x 1080 at all times whatever the application controls are physical and non-touch screen.

Performance octa – core 2 GHz Mediatek

This smartphone in addition to assemble a battery of high capacity (and size) boasts the chip Mediatek 6592T that integrates a CPU’s 8 cores that they work independently (lighting the necessary each time) and can reach a frequency of up to 2 GHz.

If we read that frequency already seems to be clear that we have a respectable chip but check it and that we are talking about chips Cortex A7 that are not the latest market in terms of performance per clock cycle but do have a good balance performance/watt.

To do this we have passed our usual battery of tests and we faced a LG G2 with 800 Snapdragon chip. We emphasize that the 5000 ThL has been configured in development options with the machine (the future of Android L) ART instead of Dalvík. We found the following:

Benchmarks ThL 5000 LG G2
AnTuTu X 30.501 points 32.566 points
Quadrant 13.865 points 18.884 points
Vellamo HTML 5: 2,257 Chrome
Multicore: 1,504 points
Metal: 980 points
HTML 5: 2,210 Chrome
Multicore: 1.494 points
Metal: 974 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): 6.944
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 4.776
Ice Storm Unlimited: 7.164
Ice Storm (720 p): Maxed Out!
Ice Storm Extreme: Maxed Out!
Ice Storm Unlimited: 16.338
EPIC Citadel @
THL-1920 × 1080
LG – 1.816 × 1.080
High performance: 50.9 FPS
High quality: 50.1 FPS
Ultra High quality: n.d.
High performance: 59.2 FPS
High quality: 56.8 FPS
Ultra High quality (100%):49.3FPS
BenchmarkPI 211 milliseconds 199 milliseconds

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As you can see in the table above are with a chip that approaching much in performance, (e) it exceeds in any event, a Snapdragon 800, top of the range of the previous generation of Smartphones with Qualcomm heart. This year we have seen an improvement with Snapdragon 801 and it will be with Snapdragon 805 is marked when the new top of the range as soon as you arrive in the new devices.

I.e., ThL is a SoC that has good CPU performance and that perhaps his curse is the GPU, point where yields below Qualcomm chips as shown in 3DMark. However, do not want to say that you can not play games of last generation. It is a very capable chip that resolved, likewise evil endemic Mediatek chips of previous generations: stability data, Wi-Fi and GPS connections.

The 2 GB RAM become noted and more when we’re in Android 4.4.2 KitKat and every day we become accustomed more to use more applications simultaneously, and keep them in the background.

Camera and multimedia

This is one of the sections most valued by users and not only by the current trend selfie but because Smartphones have become a device that replaces in the majority of situations to the until a year ago ubiquitous compact cameras. Now, how does 5000 THL this section?.

Let’s talk a little bit about hardware that integra, an rear camera’s 13 Mpx, Sensor Sony EXMOR IMX135 with an optical system that offers an opening f/2.0 improving the low-light shots. Accompanies it a LED flash enough back for short distances at night.

Not talking about the best camera in the mobile market, but it offers some remarkable results. The capture time is quite low even with low luminosity, and despite not having stabilization optics we found quite good results.

The problem that we detected this altogether is none other than software integrated, too simple and with few extra options in addition to quite secretly, read the HDR mode either something as simple as changing the exposure. Is not something that should concern the end user as there is in Play Store uses camera to suit everyone, however, that we see little effort by the company in this field.

The camera that integrates a self-timer mode making the gesture of the V with two fingers and a “trim” system for selfies or when it detects face that supposedly smoothes the skin and makes the eyes larger, although in this case the beautify or ruin can be subjective, I personally think that it is not something that is going to end up using people due to being too exaggerated.

Also integrates a burst mode allowing the capture of images quickly with all resolution allowing to obtain photos for an action that happens in a short period of time. If we talk about recording video, Wissler is a smartphone that allows recording 1080 p, i.e. it picks up from stop the range that already boast 4 K as a feature star in this field.

The front camera is 5 megapixel autofocus is not available, and that we have noticed that has a lens wide angle allowing you to capture more to your around in other terminals. The quality obtained is not comparable to the back camera but can give us a good use in video calls or for improvised selfies.

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Let us now talk about the multimedia integration of terminal series. As we acquire the terminal we can see an application of video that can play most common formats as well as a audio player, simple but functional.

We also find an application to tune stations in FM radio, prior connection of headphones which serve as antenna. It is not that we are facing a terminal with a clear focus multimedia, nor with the most complete pack in this regard, but it is software you can download our favorite Play Store applications.

In this section we wanted to comment on the sound of the external speaker power, above the average, although unfortunately we find ourselves with a small design on the rear cover failure, that leaves only two slots to get out sound, being completely flat and should support the mobile on the table face up, decreases the sound more than significantly. Many manufacturers have a small area between the slots that stands out and avoids this problem.


5000 THL makes use of Android 4.4.2 KitKat series and in our case during testing we found as we received a Update OTA from the manufacturer that it solved some bugs detected, good signal.

The interface We have found simple, It is based on Google Launcher, but with a few very children’s icons not customizable unless you go to other launchers.

The company has integrated functionality as a floating button that allows direct access to four applets floating video, music, calculator and the recorder. The button can be activated from settings and also can turn it on and off leaving pressed the back button a few seconds.

Of the 16 GB of internal memory the Terminal, THL has made a cast of 3.84 GB for applications and 9, 77GB storage space to which we can add the card capacity microSD we use either cloud services.

It should be noted that we have the ability to configure various Audio profiles and activate them at will as well as two technologies of sound enhancement both speakerphone and headset: BesAudEnh and BesLoudness.

Other details we can see is the ability to turn off the terminal during certain hours and that will reconnect automatically. Note, if the terminal is off and there is a set alarm will sound.

In short, we have a software that is aesthetically rather childish as icons but which has proven to be very light-weight running with total fluidity during our tests.

Indeed it has been able to run with total fluidity even three days without visiting any plug, this being the next item to be treated


We arrived at the strong point of the terminal, the autonomy, the Achilles heel of the current Smartphones. It is one of the main characteristics of these devices and that little by little the manufacturers pay more attention after years of complaints by users.

THL is a giant in this field, we have not treated with an Android smartphone that is able to endure what this devices that we remember, neither weighs more or is exceedingly larger than other 5-inch smartphone. Much of this has a battery of 5000 mAh, brightness management and battery-saving system.

In our tests, we have managed to spend 3 days of autonomy with calls, push synchronization, normal use and a total of more than 7 hours of screen burn at that time.

We have also found that the terminal can endure playing video about 11 hours with a single charge, and most interesting, not only can endure long without having to visit a plug but it can serve as a plug for other Smartphones.

Yes, as you read it, you can take advantage of this extra capacity, via a OTG Connector included in the pack, to charge other devices.

The autonomy of the smartphone depends greatly on the use we give, the level of brightness of the screen from the volume of data push us to move to the day with a myriad of variables that make that each case is a world. We can however state to closed eyes that we have one of the Smartphones that will offer more hours of use to any user.

This type of battery with a big capacity also has a problem and is the load time. THL delivery next smartphone adapter 1, 5A but get a full charge from scratch is going to do to overcome two hours connected to the electric light and rather closer to the three.

Other problems side have such a capacity of battery is that Android has by default the battery level low and, obviously, it is measured as a percentage, that instead of remaining charge. 15% of 5000 mAh comes to be 15% of other terminals battery twice, i.e., to be fair, should skip the alarm to 7% and thus be able to take advantage of all applications without being in battery mode low so far.


Since Xataka Android we find the 5000 THL as a clear example of what manufacturers should search on autonomy rather than engaging in battles of who makes the smartphone more slim and similar.

It is a terminal whose functional design is not something differential but neither scores negative despite what one might think after reading the battery that integrates. In terms of performance, we are facing the SoC Mediatek more powerful and as we have seen is approaching 800 Snapdragon in many tests, except for GPU, a very capable chip and it puts you in the current medium-high range.

If we speak of photography We have to admit that it has surprised us since we did not expect to get this kind of results. It is not a photographic terminal itself but that it plays a good role.

And finally we want to comment if someone seeking a smartphone with great autonomy, that you feel, 5000 THL is a safe bet very above which can be found on the market today.

We also do not forget that it is a smartphone that mounts dualSIM and you can have two phones in one without having to visit the plug at the end of the day.

In favour

  • Great autonomy
  • Double SIM and expansion slot for microSD
  • Good camera


  • Functional design
  • Rear speaker design
  • Child iconography