7 Matt Ascend Spain Version Will Not Reach Gold: Dual SIM or 3/32 GB of Nothing

Analyzing the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, we realized that a features that seemed most interesting presentation, was not. It is of the option to use the second tray of cards as a tray for microSD or nanoSIM, Depending on our needs and our taste.

Well, we could choose between the mass storage which can reach up to 128GB of expansion, or saving for a device that can result for many take that second SIM in the phone.

But that option was not in our phone, tray microSD did not fit the second network card of any form or we had additional network settings. Huawei confirmed finally that this option would be available only in the model Gold, which is come in with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

The Gold option will be unique and will not come to Spain, or at least does not come into the plans of the brand. Its distribution is decided individually by countries, and in general not you can find in Europe, in principle due to incompatibility with local 4 G LTE networks (which were to make use of both lines) by some of the bands used.

Perhaps this contrasts with the fact that the prices of both models to be set in the currency of the eurozone, which were 100 euro in the presentation. The fact is that finally we are left with the lower capacity model, in black or white, for 499 euros.

As the terminal itself, it’s a great phone, I leave you with our written analysis, or you can also take a look at your videoreview: