Last Friday the reservation were opened for the long-awaited BlackBerry Priv. Official stores of the brand in the United States, Great Britain and Canada began to offer the possibility of acquiring the first BlackBerry with Android as an operating system, promising the first buyers to get their hands on it as of November 6.

But as not opened reservations for any country in the euro zone not we knew what would be its price in these parts, so we already began to fear the worst. 699 U.S. dollars are 633 euros at current Exchange, 559 pounds are 775 euros and 899 Canadian dollars are 618 euros, but then with what figure were we? With no, because it seems that we will have to pay 799 euros.

The rise in the dollar against the euro is leaving us expensive smartphones lovers. A stronger dollar is causing that if we were already that we always use euros handicapped by a false euro-dollar parity, Now let’s still worse. And is that for example the new iPhone 6s part 699 dollars, when starts here by the 749 euros, or a more extreme case, that of the Nexus 6 p, in the United States costs 499 dollars and Europe 649 EUR.

And it seems that with the BlackBerry privacy we will not be less. If their price on the other side of the pond does not reach 650 euros at current Exchange, apparently on two Dutch stores, in Europe who want to do with the last terminal of the Canadians will have to release 799 euros, rather than by an iPhone 6s or the same than a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. We Earrings that from BlackBerry oficialicen this price (or not) but the controversy is already served.

Is a success the BlackBerry Priv at that price?

To pay 800 euros for a new smartphone something has to offer that others do not have and it is yet to know if the Priv has that something differential. In terms of processor is not quite to the last one, but if that seems to have very good cameras and a good portion of RAM and storage. Also to be seen in detail how useful is DTEK, the layer of security that BlackBerry has gotten to your smartphone with Android.

As you well indicabais in the comments of the news of the beginning of the reserves, it must also take into account that the Priv is intended for the professional market, which can perhaps afford to pay more than a particular. Yet BlackBerry It has to show that it is able to get the better of Android, give your safety and performance to justify the assumptions 799 euros. We’ll see if they succeed.