A Mysterious Device Xiaomi from 4.3 “with Snapdragon 820 Appears in Photos on Weibo

Combine high end specs with a screen size equal to or less than 4.7 inches, is now an almost entirely unknown to the major smartphone manufacturers, with the exception of Sony that through the Compact series, has managed to retain a certain margin between size and performance.

Accomplice perhaps the release of iPhone THOUGH, something may be loose inside the Android world, particularly Xiaomi, might have not yet announced a new device, with dimensions very contained, combined with the latest Qualcomm processor.

A mysterious device Xiaomi with 4.3 inch display and Snapdragon 820 ” would have made an appearance in the pages of Weibo, complete with specifications in tow and a first photo leaked, that would indicate a design very similar to the recent Mi 5.

  • 3-inch display “HD (1280 x 720)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820
  • RAM 3 GB
  • 32 GB internal memory
  • Rear 13 MP (OIS)
    According to the source, it would be the response of Xiaomi to the recent launch of the iPhone IF, an interesting proposal for the Chinese market, which should debut in June at aprice of 269 € 1799 Yuan, aboutto change ours. Undoubtedly another best buy Xiaomi if everything was confirmed, and a return to the small size of some years ago, when the phablet did not exist and a smartphone could be handled safely in the Palm of your hand.