Do you know how many smartphones with QWERTY physical keyboard that have launched recently? The more normal response would be a no, since that format is rather than abandoned by all manufacturers, even those that most appealed to him, as the same BlackBerry, from the Priv and the Classic has been moved to touch screens without physical keyboard.

In spite of this and that it was announced that there would be no more BlackBerrys of own manufacture, John Chen, CEO of the company that is now more focused on software, has confirmed that the nostalgic can breathe easy. Speaking to Bloomberg, Chen has assured that soon we know a new BlackBerry with a full physical keyboard, manufactured by themselves.

Last September John Chen already revealed that although the latest BlackBerry smartphones abandoned the physical keyboard, soon, without specifying dates, we will see the return to that format. But What is most striking is not that we let’s you enjoy QWERTY keyboard on a smartphone, it is that this terminal is not manufactured by TCL, as the 50 DTEK and DTEK 60, self-made.

The latest smartphone really House

Listening to fund part of the Bloomberg interview John Chen, which focuses more on political aspects which in his company, the statement is very clear: the new BlackBerry with physical keyboard will be the latest smartphone manufactured by the own BlackBerry. To have committed already on two occasions in TCL for its latest “creations” and have ensured that this would be the way to go, is news that we did not expect.

No clue of how the BlackBerry we have, we will have to wait for the first leaks

Surely BlackBerry have seen demand in that kind of format practically abandoned and will have recourse to a model designed in the past that failed to see the light, updating the hardware that had planned to take it. But from the format, all the other characteristics are unknown. We will have to wait for more news or @evleaks to make their inquiries, although the wait promises to be short.