Last week the site ArsTechnica released its review of the MacBook Air with information somewhat bombastic, at least for Adobe: Flash sites when opening the battery life fell within 2 hours. Other sites have made ​​similar tests and reached similar results, sometimes identical, to the ArsTechnica. Today Adobe CTO decided that would be a good time to rebut criticism.

In an interview with fast company site, Kevin Lynch, threw the bits in the fan: “HTML5 uses as much or even more processing power to display ads, for example, than Flash.”The CTO went on to say that several studies have shown that the battery life is longer when Flash is running than when HTML5 is used and also noted that the playback of videos in HTML5 is less reliable than flash.

Lynch also took the opportunity to say that the argument of energy use is false. “When you’re displaying content, any technology will use more energy to display than to not display,” said nothing macarronicamente Lynch. What he said, in a more understandable way, it is that if you want to save power on your MacBook Air just leave it off. That simple.

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