Disappointing, there cannot be another objective to describe sales of terminals signed by BlackBerry in the last quarter of its fiscal year. With the Priv starring in recent months, the first handset with Android’s brand, expected more Canadians, but his change of course seems to have not worked.

When analysts predicted sales of 850,000 units, BlackBerry announced the figure stood at 600,000, even below the 700,000 in the previous quarter. And what is the reaction of the company against such poor data? A permanent discount of its privacy, although you don’t expect a large cut.

The BlackBerry Priv can be an interesting and mostly different terminal, but what I didn’t expect is that in their attempt to reposition in the market Canadians decide to give you such a high price as 779 euros. At that price you can buy practically any other smartphone, the remainder to the Priv chance of reaching many pockets.

And the beautiful idea of BlackBerry to revitalize sales of the Priv is reduce it 50 euros. Rebate Yes, but that still leaves the terminal at 729 euros, or 649 dollars in United States or 529 pounds in United Kingdom. The truth is that if that is all that can be done BlackBerry to revitalize their sales, the only thing we can hope is that within months we meet again with some still worst data to those recently known.

What such throw some middle range?

Seen that the Priv does not seem that it can contribute to improving sales of terminals BlackBerry, perhaps brand should consider follow with your bet by Android with another type of terminals. The average price of selling phones in the United States hardly exceeds 300 dollars, Strip which should be the old RIM for your next smartphone.

We already know that BlackBerry will continue betting on Android at the expense of BlackBerry OS, It is no secret, so we hope that this year, we know sooner than later if possible, a mid-range terminal. That’s where they are the majority of users, who many brands seek diligently, so that could be the salvation of the BlackBerry terminals division.


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Cult of Android

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