After The Nomenclature Pastelosa The Hidden History of The Versions of Android

Nowadays practically everyone knows it, and is an issue that always caused curiosity and puzzlement, because the way that it has Google’s name in code to different versions Android is has already become one of the greatest exponents of the platform. Clearly, speak of the cakes in alphabetical order have “ proven ” from Android 1.5.

Sometimes also have to make compilation of how we got to where we are, and taking advantage of that a few days ago the guys at Android Police they delighted us with the story that lies behind the nomenclature with cakes, Let’s summarize it by discovering those small curiosities that all interest and on which it is normally difficult to find information.

Anyone Google had come loose garment on the subject, and the truth is that cakes began already in the “ C ” with Cupcake, which named Android 1.5, so several Google developers have finally lifted the trunk of memories and this is what they told on Google + on the first names of Android.

This is the story behind sweet androids

At the beginning they began to develop the operating system based on milestones, milestone in English, so the first versions were simply called “ M ” followed by the number of milestone. As they were advancing compilations began to be weekly, so the name changed to the extremely ingenious system of “ wb ”)weekly build) followed by the number of week.

Later was added to the nomenclature the corresponding test cycle, whereupon the acronym “ tc ”)test cycle) they completed the complicated initial names of Android. An example, although little communicative, could be: M7-WB26-TC4.

This was before having a first functional version, Android 1.0, version that we could see on his day in Xataka Android. At this time the developers saw the confusing thing was to know what compilation spoke so they decided to search criteria at the same time fun and easy that recall versions of which spoke.

It took still enough to decide that they should follow a system of alphabetical order, and as they explain, the first version called alphabetical order was the aforementioned Cupcake, third compilation, but in his words, the truth is that it was the fourth, because there were two variants of Android 1.0.

Donut followed Cupcake as the first continuing series, and after seeing that the cake worked well they decided to continue the pastelosa saga that we already know.

The question of why the first names were Astro Boy and Bender, Google engineers explained that in principle, being versions of an operating system called Android, they thought to follow alphabetical order a list of famous robots or fiction, but when version 1.1 was prepared to compile, product manager decided to name it “ Petit Four & #8221; by your taste towards this small sweet.

What versions we know up to now and what will be the next thing?

So it all began, and so does not fall on deaf ears, here is the well known list of versions Android:

Prerelease (here transcended Astroboy and Bender)
Android 1.0 – was later named Apple Pie
Android 1.1 – Petit Four
Android 1.5 – Cupcake
Android 1.6 – Donut
Android 2.0/2.1 – Éclair
Android 2.2 – Froyo
Android 2.3 – Gingerbread
Android 3.0 – Honeycomb
Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1 Android – Jelly Bean

Google has been able to take advantage of the cakes, as we saw in Android Land the last Mobile World Congress handing out ice cream to galore, and the Android mascot has a jerk like no other.

Future versions little is known, although the first rumors has already been mentioned around Kandy Kane or Key Lime Pye. We are not going to enter into the debate still, and it is that we assume that far is know a new version of Android, though jobs & #8230; that candy will you try next time?