Alcorn County, Mississippi Weather

According to, Alcorn County is located in the northeastern corner of Mississippi, bordering Tennessee and Kentucky. The county has a population of approximately 37,000 people and covers an area of 595 square miles. It is named after James L. Alcorn, a former Mississippi governor and U.S. Senator.

The area was first settled by Native Americans before Europeans arrived in the early 19th century. The first permanent settlement was established in 1836 when the county was created from parts of Tishomingo and Tippah counties. Since then, Alcorn County has been a major agricultural center for the region with corn, cotton, soybeans, and livestock being its primary crops and industries.

Alcorn County is home to several historic sites that are worth visiting including the old Corinth Railroad Depot and Corinth Contraband Camp which were built during the Civil War era to house escaped slaves who sought refuge in Union lines; as well as Shiloh National Military Park which commemorates one of the bloodiest battles fought during the war.

The county also offers plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy such as golf courses, museums, parks, trails for hiking or biking along with two lakes for fishing or swimming in during summer months; plus historical sites like Rienzi Mansion which was once owned by Confederate General Leonidas Polk or Battle of Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center which provides detailed accounts about this important battle from both Union and Confederate perspectives.

Famous people from Alcorn County include author William Faulkner who wrote some of his most famous works while living here; bluesman Robert Johnson who recorded some of his best-known songs at a studio in nearby Cleveland; NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.; former NFL quarterback Eli Manning; actor Morgan Freeman; singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett; gospel singer Mahalia Jackson; and baseball pitcher Jeff Christy who played for several major league teams including the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs.

Climate and weather in Alcorn County, Mississippi

According to, Alcorn County, Mississippi is located in the northern part of the state and has a humid subtropical climate. The county experiences hot, humid summers with temperatures often reaching into the 90s. Winters tend to be mild with temperatures typically staying in the 50s and 60s. Spring and fall are usually pleasant with temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to mid-80s.

Rainfall is abundant throughout the year, especially during the summer months when thunderstorms are common. The average amount of precipitation per year in Alcorn County is 46 inches. Snowfall is rare but does occur occasionally during winter months with an average of 1 inch or less per year.

The county experiences an average of 218 sunny days each year which makes it a great place for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping and swimming. In addition to sunshine, Alcorn County also gets plenty of wind throughout the year due to its proximity to both Lake Pontchartrain and Mississippi River Delta which can make for pleasant breezes on hot summer days or chilly winter ones.

Alcorn County can be an enjoyable place to visit or live at any time of year due to its mild climate and abundance of outdoor activities. With its rich cultural history, natural beauty and friendly people, Alcorn County is a great place for anyone looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life or an exciting adventure in nature’s playground.

Transportation in Alcorn County, Mississippi

Alcorn County, Mississippi offers many transportation options for those who live and visit the area. The county is served by two major highways, Interstate 55 and US Highway 45, which both run north/south through the county. These highways provide easy access to nearby cities such as Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to these two major highways, Alcorn County also has a number of smaller state roads which provide access to local towns and villages.

Public transportation in Alcorn County is provided by the Corinth-Alcorn Public Transit System (CAPTS). CAPTS operates bus routes throughout the county which are designed to provide access to shopping centers, medical facilities, job centers and other destinations within the area. In addition to bus routes, CAPTS also offers a Dial-A-Ride service which provides door-to-door service for those with special needs or disabilities.

For those who prefer not to drive themselves around Alcorn County there are several taxi companies that serve the area as well as ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Taxis can be hailed from street corners or called ahead of time while ridesharing services must be booked through an app on a smartphone or tablet device.

The closest airport is located in Tupelo which is approximately 25 miles from Alcorn County’s largest city Corinth. This airport serves major airlines including Delta Airlines and American Airlines as well as regional carriers such as Sun Country Airlines and Cape Air. The airport provides daily flights to major cities throughout the United States making it an ideal option for travelers looking for convenient air travel options within Mississippi or beyond its borders.

Alcorn County provides a wide variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors alike whether they are looking for public transit services or private transportation solutions like taxis or rideshare services. With so many options available it’s easy to get around this beautiful part of Mississippi.

Cities and towns in Alcorn County, Mississippi

According to Countryaah, Alcorn County, Mississippi is located in the northeast corner of the state and is home to a diverse range of cities and towns. The county seat is Corinth, a thriving city with a population of 14,573. Corinth has a strong economy driven by manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The city is also known for its vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries and museums to explore.

Ripley is another popular city in Alcorn County with a population of 6,903. This charming town has plenty to offer visitors including historic sites such as the Ripley Historic District and the Tishomingo County Courthouse. Ripley also boasts an active cultural life with frequent music festivals and other events taking place throughout the year.

Other cities in Alcorn County include Kossuth which has a population of 1,121 and Walnut which has a population of 1,105. Both towns are small but have plenty to offer residents including beautiful parks for outdoor recreation as well as shopping centers for those looking to pick up some retail therapy while they’re in town.

In addition to these cities there are several smaller towns in Alcorn County such as Farmington (population 536) and Michie (population 488). Both provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to experience rural life at its finest while still having access to all the modern amenities one would expect from living in an area close to larger cities like Memphis or Jackson.

Alcorn County also includes several unincorporated communities such as Biggersville (population 411) and Burnsville (population 127). These areas provide residents with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing at nearby lakes or hunting on private lands. There are also several churches located throughout these areas that provide spiritual guidance for those seeking it out.

No matter what type of community one is looking for Alcorn County has something for everyone whether it be vibrant downtowns full of culture or quiet small towns surrounded by nature’s beauty. With so many options available there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone.