Allen Parish, Louisiana Weather

According to, Allen Parish, Louisiana is located in the southwestern corner of the state and is bordered by Calcasieu Parish to the north, Beauregard Parish to the east, and Jeff Davis Parish to the south. The parish covers an area of 863 square miles and has a population of over 25,000 people. It is named after former Confederate general Henry W. Allen who served as governor of Louisiana from 1877-1880.

The parish was settled in the early 19th century by pioneers from the southern states who were drawn to the area’s abundant resources and fertile land. Agriculture continues to be an important part of Allen Parish’s economy today with cotton, soybeans, corn, rice, and sugarcane being some of its major crops.

The parish has several attractions for visitors to explore including Oakley Plantation House which is a historic home built in 1837 that was once owned by former US Senator William L. McMillan. Another popular attraction is Lake D’Arbonne State Park which offers plenty of recreational activities such as camping, fishing, swimming, boating, and hiking trails for visitors to enjoy.

Allen Parish also has several famous people associated with it including singer/songwriter Mickey Gilley who grew up in Olla; actor/comedian Jamie Foxx who was born in Terrell; NFL Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw who hails from Shreveport; and actress/model Brooke Shields who was raised in Monroe.

Allen Parish offers something for everyone with its rich history, diverse attractions, and famous residents – making it a great place to visit or call home.

Climate and weather in Allen Parish, Louisiana

According to, Allen Parish, Louisiana is located in the southwestern corner of the state and experiences a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The parish has an average annual temperature of 68°F (20°C) with temperatures ranging from lows of 40°F (4°C) in winter to highs of 94°F (34°C) in summer.

The parish experiences frequent thunderstorms during the summer months due to its proximity to the Gulf Coast. These storms can bring heavy rain and strong winds which can cause flooding and damage to buildings and other infrastructure. Hurricanes are also a possibility during hurricane season which generally runs from June through November.

In the winter months, Allen Parish experiences cold fronts that bring cold temperatures, strong winds, and occasional snowfall. The parish is also prone to ice storms during this time of year which can cause power outages as well as icy roads and sidewalks.

Allen Parish has a warm climate with hot summers and mild winters along with occasional cold fronts that bring colder temperatures and snowfall in winter months. Residents should be aware of potential flooding during summer months due to thunderstorms as well as hurricanes during hurricane season.

Transportation in Allen Parish, Louisiana

Allen Parish, Louisiana is served by several transportation options for residents and visitors alike. The parish is accessible by car via US Highway 165 and Louisiana Highways 4, 12, and 597. There are also several smaller local roads that crisscross the parish providing access to many of its smaller communities.

Public transportation in Allen Parish is provided by Cane River Transit which operates a network of buses throughout the parish connecting major towns and villages. These buses are operated by the Allen Parish Council on Aging and offer affordable fares for those who need to get around the parish.

For those traveling further afield, there is an airport located in Oakdale which provides regional services to nearby cities such as Alexandria and Lake Charles. There are also two Amtrak stations located in Oakdale and Kinder which offer intercity train services across the country.

For those looking to explore Allen Parish at their own pace, there are several bike rental companies located in towns such as Oberlin, Elizabeth, and Olla offering bikes for hire at reasonable prices. These bikes can be used to explore some of the more remote parts of the parish or take a leisurely ride along one of its many scenic trails.

Allen Parish is well connected with several transportation options available for both locals and visitors alike – making it easy to get around.

Cities and towns in Allen Parish, Louisiana

According to Countryaah, Allen Parish, Louisiana is made up of several small towns and cities spread across its rural landscape. The parish seat is Oakdale, a small town located at the intersection of US Highway 165 and Louisiana Highways 4, 12, and 597. This town is the commercial hub of the parish offering a variety of shops, restaurants, and services for residents and visitors alike.

The city of Oberlin lies to the south of Oakdale and is home to Oberlin College. This college provides educational opportunities for students from all walks of life as well as numerous cultural events throughout the year such as art exhibitions, concerts, plays and more.

Elizabeth lies further south in Allen Parish near the border with Beauregard Parish. This small town offers a peaceful atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping or hiking along one of its many trails.

Further north lies Olla which is known for its museums such as the Olla Museum which showcases local history and culture or the Olla Art Museum which features works by local artists.

Kinder is another small town located in Allen Parish where visitors can explore several historic sites such as the Kinder Historic District or take a walk along one of its scenic trails.

Finally, there are several smaller communities scattered throughout Allen Parish including Elizabethtown, Dry Creek, and Reeves which offer their own unique attractions such as quaint shops or historic sites.

Allen Parish offers a variety of cities and towns for residents and visitors alike to explore – each offering something unique.