Allo Is Google’s New and Intelligent Beskedapp

At Google I/O 2016, Google has launched a new and high-tech beskedapp for Android and iOS called Allo built around advanced artificial intelligence.

Google two hour long keynote is successful and welcomed as expected on a wealth of news, as you can get a full view of in this live history. One of the major news, which got much airtime on stage, is the new app, Allo, there is a new beskedapp on its way to Android and iOS.

Google has a reputation for launching one half-baked beskedapp after another, and now even a so come to the collection. However, try not to be entirely Allo as most others. It stands for out on three specific areas.

Express yourself in new ways

Many opinions and intentions can be lost during text communication, but the problem is trying to come to grips with Google now new technologies in Allo-beskedappen. It has so far been difficult to indicate in writing how high that “tales”.

Therefore, you can easily adjust the text size in Allo by sliding your finger up and down along the send button, where small text corresponds to whisper in reality and how much text will mean to shout.Whether it works in practice is still too early to say, but the idea is good enough.

Google’s Assistant is the focal point of Allos

Maybe you will think, that there is no need to be more in your text conversations than you and the other party, but Google’s personal assistant looks in on your conversations in the new beskedapp. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you’ll always have Google’s vast knowledge and content by your side, as over time and in step with the teacher to know you better, will save you many unnecessary clicks.

Imagine that a friend asks you if you want to out to eat later. Before you ever reach to respond immediately to the chic answer to you Allo serves, as you most likely otherwise would even write back to them.

Even when you receive a picture, come immediately with answers to you Allo by analyzing the images in the same way as in Google Photos app. For example, if you receive a picture of pasta, may suggest the answer Allo “Uuhm, delicious!” and thus help you to express yourself better and, not least, faster.

Allo will be present and help you fix all the everyday tasks, like Google’s advanced technologies gradually learns to master, as more services and websites will be part of the solution.

Google’s artificial intelligence is such a huge part of Allo, that you can actually create a text conversation only with Google – just as with Google Now or Siri – just exclusively text-based. It is thus a bit about Facebooks chatbots on the point, except that Google’s solution is substantially longer technologically advanced in development.

Safety is paramount

Conversations with your family, friends and acquaintances is via your phone number but is internet-based, and therefore there is also focus on safety. Like many other message services is Allo encrypted from a message sent to the received, so that can’t be lures in the contents of them from outside.

Kypteringen, however, is only active in the so-called incognito mode known from Google Chrome browser – so a private mode, where also the notifications from the notifications will be made more discreet, just as the messages are only stored temporarily on your phone until the incognito mode is closed again.

Allo becomes as mentioned earlier launched for Android and iOS as the only two platforms. Not even a Web version, and you may have to wait to come during the summer to try the new app.


Duo: new app for video calls

Yet another app also saw the light of day into night, which acts as a complement to Allo, but also can be used completely independently of each other. The second app called Duo and serve a somewhat different purpose – namely to make video calls in HD quality even when your internet connection is slow or the coverage is poor.

Google has been working hard to optimize the app to function without a good network connection, so if you’re into video calls on the go, Duo-the app certainly worth considering. The app also has a fun feature that you can already see the video image from that person who is calling you on your lock screen, before you took the video call. It may very well lead to many funny moments.

Just as with beskedappen Allo also paramount here is safety, which is encrypted on both ends of the communication. Also here you must wait until during the summer in order to be able to download it to either Android or iOS.