Although There Are Still Losses, BlackBerry Presents Better Results Than Expected

BlackBerry rather resembles little that was a few years ago. One of the brands that he sent, along with Nokia, in the mobile phone sector has been neglected by iPhones and the different brands that bet on Android, to the point of cause until they themselves commit by Android for their last terminal, the BlackBerry Priv.

With the Spotlight focused on the software and a catalogue of terminals more limited that in years past, BlackBerry has presented results that continue to reflect losses, but less than expected by analysts. And although they have also sold fewer phones, the other good news is that the average sales price has also risen.

With 557 million dollars in revenue in the quarter that ended for them in November, BlackBerry has presented a few bittersweet results. Despite continue losing money (15 million dollars in the quarter), that figure is less than expected, and largely those responsible for this improvement are the Priv and software.

BlackBerry has sold in this period 700,000 devices, 100,000 less than in the previous one, but the previous means of sale has passed 240 to 315 dollars. And revenue totals $ 164 million comes from the sale of software and services, which means 189% growth about a year before data.

Road: Android and more software

The way forward for BlackBerry seems clear. Its latest acquisitions (Good Technologies and AtHoc) seek to strengthen its position in the business sector, who also will the BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 version. And let us not forget his presence in the sector of the QNX automotive.

But in addition to caring for customers of its BlackBerry software platforms also We look forward to the presentation of new terminals with Android. The Priv seems to be working in sales, and the company already ensured that this would only be its first Android smartphone, without for that reason to completely abandon BB10. Rumors already have been.