It seems that Android Marshmallow is already available for Oppo R7s through Project Spectrum, while the next May 13 new ROM will be released for R7 Plus.

Owners of smartphones Oppo R7s will soon try the user experience offered by Android Marshmallows on their devices. Despite ColorOS has not yet received the official update, in fact, the interface is fully renovated beginning next May 13 through Project Spectrum, an initiative implemented to bring the “user experience” almost-stock Android inside smartphones Oppo.

The project is nothing but a real alternative to ColorOS, through which it will retain some of the major features that distinguish the Oppo’s proprietary interface within an ecosystem based on Android Marshmallow:

“Project Spectrum is an alternative official to ColorOS of Oppo, can offer an experience almost-stock Android while preserving some of the most popular features of ColorOS”.

Among the new features that will be introduced with the update on Oppo R7s are definitely the saving mode Doze during standby, the “now” on tap”to access Google Now quickly from any screen of the phone and a new launcher through which you can find the desired applications thanks to a scroll alphabetical bar.

As noted earlier, Android Marshmallows for Oppo R7s will come through Project Spectrum the next 13 April, but who was curious to try the OS preview can access the forum by Oppo and download the beta version of the ROM.

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