Android N Will Make Restarting Much Less “Problematic” Thanks to Direct Boot

The spontaneous reboots are one of the problems that, every so often, we find ourselves facing on Android. It is certainly not an issue overly annoying if it weren’t for the fact that this, in addition to causing an abnormal battery drain, leave us “blocks” from the world when people don’t realize that there has been a reboot. This scenario is particularly common in the event that takes place at night, causing several hardships including the cause of alarm clocks and non-receipt of notices or calls.

Fortunately Android N appears to be ready to solve all these problems thanks to a new mode called Direct Boot. Thanks to Direct Boot, you can ensure that an Android device just restarted, it can use all the basic functions like receiving calls, notifications and activating alarms although the Terminal has not been released by its owner, making this feature especially comfortable for everyone using a device with encryption enabled.

In order to make the best Direct Boot, developers will need to adapt their applications so that they are integrated with this new feature, which takes advantage of the new encryption system of Android N which can be used to achieve similar arrangements can make it much more smart the “Awakening” of our devices updated to the latest version of Google’s operating system (when it is available!).

For more information we leave you the direct link to the official developer section.