Antennas: Locate Your Antenna with Your Android Mobile

Antennas is a very curious and original application. Their mission will be detect our position and the position of the antenna mobile phone which we are connected, as well as the position of other antennas we have closely. To do this you will use the indicative (aGPS) location, which is achieved through the triangulation of antennas, and the exact location using the GPS receiver of your phone.

Upon detection will situate us in Google Maps, where you can get an idea of the distance to which we are antenna or satellite view, know the estimated position of this in reality. Given that to locate the antenna cannot do with GPS, These calculations are always approximate.

The options of Antennas are not limited to show us our position and antenna but it also You can display statistics on signal you are receiving and create a log of the data in a KML file. It also includes a small compass, as well as options of the map such as Chuck or switching views.

The application is free and is available in the Market for download. As for usefulness refers in everyday life, it may seem that it has many beyond joking with our friends, but if you have a specific mission striking remarkable and very useful. In case low signal or bad coverage, already will not need to move from one place to another randomly or seek high places, simply open Antennas, we look forward to showing us the antenna, and We know where we should go to obtain best signal.