AOL Wants to Snatch up Yahoo

The market for US internets walks shaken well, apparently. First we had the AOL announced the purchase of TechCrunch, blog which is a reference for those who make journalism technology. And now the same AOL plans to buy one of the major search engines in the world. Yes, yes, it is Yahoo that is in the crosshairs of the American media giant, said the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

To snatch up Yahoo, AOL initially enlists the help of venture capital companies. Both Silver Lake and Blackstone Group would also be involved in the negotiations in order to play the business. Recent data indicate that AOL has a market value equivalent to one tenth of Yahoo, 10 billion dollars, which means a lot of money should be in play.

According to the WSJ, there has been no direct negotiations between AOL and Yahoo. Plus, you can reach never happen, given the nature of the operation that AOL and venture capital companies are trying to do. In one of the most complicated scenarios, the Chinese website Alibaba would buy back 40% of the company that currently belong to Yahoo. Complicated, huh? The idea is to dispose of portal properties before actually buying it, then yes by a lower value.

It is worth remembering that in the heady days of dial up internet access, AOL teamed up with Time Warner, constituting one of the largest and most powerful world of media conglomerates. The agreement was scrapped a few years ago, when AOL again operate independently of Time Warner.