Argon Musicbox One Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

MusicBox One is an economical, compact and well-playing Bluetooth speaker for all your mobile music. With up to 24 hours playtime from built-in battery, you can enjoy your favorites anywhere without running out. Available in white finish.

Argon Musicbox One Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Highlights of Argon MusicBox One – compact Bluetooth wireless speaker with extremely long battery life

  • Built-in rechargeable battery with extremely long time (up to 24 hours)
  • Great sound quality for the size
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Quick charging the built-in battery (under 3 hours)
  • Can leave the connected appliances via USB, battery operation

MusicBox One 1

MusicBox One is a smart, compact and well-playing Bluetooth wireless speaker with built-in rechargeable battery. With up to 24 hours of battery life, you can play music anywhere you have a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet at your fingertips. Right to take with you to the beach, on the camping trip or in the cottage.

MusicBox One 3

MusicBox One is seriously built, and for a product of this type you will get a sound quality that both you and your music can be satisfied with. Here you are on a completely different level than with the inferior Bluetooth micro loudspeakers, as in many cases it sounds even worse than the speaker in your mobile. It should be ultra compact and still sounds of real music, is a very good choice One MusicBox.

MusicBox One 2

With its compact dimensions slips easily into a backpack One MusicBox or a smaller travel suitcase. The super easy setup get ready to play wireless music in an instant, even if it is one of the friends who have music with on his smartphone. Together with a number of newer mobile players, you get even NFC-mating, so you just need to transfer the player – your smartphone – to MusicBox One a brief moment and then automatically connected.

Argon Musicbox One Wireless Speaker

MusicBox One – a quality Bluetooth speaker
Stated by bridgat, MusicBox One is all the way through solid and thoughtful built with a compelling finish. Instead of the full-range units, you see at many competitors, you will find a true two-way system with bass and treble, as well as a passive woofer on the back. This “slave” sheep enclosure to work acoustically bigger than it really is, and it gives an extra rich bass response.

The units operated by a high-grade digital amplifier, which makes sure that your favorite music sounds as good as humanly possible when it flows out of the loudspeakers. And regardless of whether you stream via Bluetooth or play from another audio source via cable.

Bluetooth for it all
Bluetooth gives you access to stream all your music wirelessly, including streaming services (Spotify, WiMP, etc.), YouTube sound and of course your own music collection. Via Mini Jack input you can connect an external audio source, an iPod shuffle, another MP3 player or your TV. You can let your portable music player through the USB input, even when the MusicBox One running on battery.

Setup — mating — with the player can in many cases be handled via NFC (Near Field Communication), so you just have to keep your player to MusicBox One a very brief moment, and then automatically connected. If your player does not support this feature, you choose the just in the Bluetooth menu as usual.