Aroostook County, Maine Weather

According to, Aroostook County, Maine is the northernmost county in the US state of Maine. It is located in the northeast corner of the state and borders Canada to the north. The county has a population of 71,871 according to the 2020 US Census.

The region has a long history dating back to when Native Americans lived in the area. The name Aroostook comes from an Abenaki word meaning “beautiful river” and was first used by French explorers in the 17th century.

The economy of Aroostook County is based mainly on agriculture and forestry with potatoes being one of its main crops. Other crops grown here include hay, corn, and wheat. There are also several large lumber mills in the region which employ many residents.

The county is home to several popular attractions including Aroostook State Park which offers scenic views of lakes, rivers, and forests as well as recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, and more. The Northern Maine Fairgrounds are also located here which hosts several events throughout the year such as rodeos, car shows, concerts and more.

Aroostook County has produced many famous people over its history including former US Senator Olympia Snowe who served from 1995-2013; singer-songwriter David Mallett whose songs have been recorded by top artists such as Emmylou Harris; basketball player Chris Porter who played for several NBA teams; and actor Tim Sample who starred in movies such as “Fletch” and “Mr Holland’s Opus” among others.

Aroostook County offers a wealth of attractions for both locals and visitors alike – from outdoor recreation to cultural events – making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore this beautiful region.

Climate and weather in Aroostook County, Maine

According to, Aroostook County, Maine is located in the northernmost part of the US state of Maine and has a humid continental climate. The summers are warm with temperatures reaching up to 30°C (86°F) while the winters are cold with temperatures dropping to -20°C (-4°F). The average annual precipitation is around 90 cm (35 inches) and snowfall averages around 200 cm (80 inches).

The spring season brings mild temperatures with rain showers, while the summer months bring hot and humid weather with occasional thunderstorms. Fall brings cool temperatures and usually clear skies, while winter brings snowfall and cold temperatures.

The county experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year, each offering its own unique weather conditions. In spring, temperatures begin to warm up after a long winter and blooming flowers can be seen throughout the region. Summer brings hot sunny days perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping or hiking. Fall brings cooler temperatures and colorful foliage before snow begins to fall in winter.

Aroostook County experiences some extreme weather conditions from time to time. In recent years, there have been several severe storms which have caused flooding in some areas as well as power outages due to high winds. Tornadoes are also not uncommon in this region during certain times of year.

Aroostook County has a varied climate with mild summers, cold winters, occasional thunderstorms in summer, and occasional extreme weather events such as floods or tornadoes throughout the year. It’s an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to experience all four seasons.

Transportation in Aroostook County, Maine

Aroostook County, Maine is served by a variety of transportation options. For those who prefer to drive, the county is connected to the rest of Maine and Canada via Interstate 95 and Route 1. There are also several smaller roads which provide access to all parts of the county. In addition, there are numerous bus routes provided by local companies which connect Aroostook County with other cities in Maine and Canada.

For travelers wishing to fly to Aroostook County, there is an international airport located in Presque Isle, which offers both domestic and international flights. The airport also offers car rental services for those who wish to drive themselves around the area.

For those who prefer rail travel, Amtrak’s Downeaster service connects Portland, Maine with Boston, Massachusetts with stops in Aroostook County along the way. There is also a seasonal train service from Bangor to Calais with stops at several towns in between including Houlton and Caribou.

For those looking for a more scenic journey, there is ferry service from Portland and Eastport to Nova Scotia as well as ferry services from Madawaska and Fort Kent to New Brunswick. These ferries offer stunning views of the coastline as they make their way across the Bay of Fundy or Saint John River before arriving at their destination.

Finally, for those looking for an even more unique experience, there are several tour operators offering guided tours of Aroostook County by bus or boat. These tours offer visitors a chance to explore some of the most remote parts of Northern Maine while learning about its history and culture along the way.

Cities and towns in Aroostook County, Maine

According to Countryaah, Aroostook County, Maine is home to a variety of cities and towns, each with its own unique character and attractions. The county seat is Houlton, which serves as the business and government center of the region. Other larger cities in Aroostook County include Caribou, Presque Isle, Fort Kent, Madawaska, and Easton.

The city of Caribou is the largest municipality in Aroostook County and is home to a variety of shops and restaurants. It also hosts several annual festivals including Caribou Days in June and WinterFest in February. Nearby Presque Isle is known for its picturesque downtown area which features a variety of stores, restaurants, galleries and more.

Fort Kent is located along the St. John River on the border with Canada and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It is also home to Northern Maine Community College as well as a number of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, fishing spots and snowmobiling areas.

Madawaska is situated near the banks of the Saint John River on the border with New Brunswick Canada. It offers visitors access to both scenic riverside views as well as numerous outdoor activities such as kayaking or canoeing around nearby islands or exploring local parks like Big Rock Park or Madawaska Nature Reserve.

Finally, Easton is located along Route 1 near Aroostook State Park which provides visitors with access to over 10 miles of hiking trails along with lakes for swimming or canoeing around nearby islands or exploring local parks like Big Rock Park or Madawaska Nature Reserve.