ASUS Wants to Innovate and Surprise in 2017: Optical Zoom and Project Tango for The New Zenfone

Today in Las Vegas has been given the official starting gun to one of the most important fairs of the world in the market of consumer electronics, the CES, which arrives in the 2017 open mouth of a year full of novelties among smartphones expected.

Don’t forget, you can follow all the news from the American fair in Engadget these days, and today was the first firm in shoot the Taiwanese ASUS, that it promised much and it has partly complied with two new smartphones Zenfone that, finally, does not have the recent SoC Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm but other surprises in the form of innovation.

There is no doubt that ASUS starts to have things clear in the Smartphone market after several exercises with hesitant movements, releases restricted to certain areas and certain countries, or presentations of interesting gadgets that then delayed his arrival at the shelves several months.

The strategy of the Taiwanese manufacturer has changed radically, 3 Zenfone marked the path and this CES 2017 has served to confirm that ASUS no longer wants to be a comparsa but one of the most serious manufacturers of smartphones that I can see on the Android platform.

Fight for the figures doesn’t seem profitable

No one escapes the high-end takes foci of all media, and perhaps for this reason most manufacturers want to well placed between the best smartphones on the market so that gives them packing, great brand image, although the high-end really does not seem to bring too many benefits.

Obviously, here we do not have data to contrast this last, but it is easy to realize that the high-end is in the pockets of more advanced users with the exception of certain “coveted” models such as the Apple iPhone or the Samsung S Galaxy range.

So, the bulk of sales are concentrated between the terminals outweighing more features and prices, and here is where ASUS managed to gatecrash with Zenfone 3, yes having a model Deluxe with all of the law, but that they arrived in Europe with an obligation to compete in the misnamed ‘super-range average’ thanks to the most compensated models.

With all this, it seems logical that to win brand image ASUS has wanted to bet on other roads and do different things, and it seems logical that the way of innovate and surprise is best suited to position yourself.

Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone AR, two smartphones ‘ niche’

Grow Zenfone range was needed for ASUS, and although by leaks all hoped that Taiwanese 1870s the newly presented Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with a terminal of the highest demands, the fact is that we have finally received two very different Zenfone smartphones, both with important new features and each dedicated to innovate in a section specifications as the leitmotiv.

Thus, the Zenfone range is completed today with the Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone AR, and Yes, the names you do not lie, because ASUS innova paragraphs of fashion with the first presented to betting smartphones by improved photographic performance, While the latter, leaked yesterday by Qualcomm, will dedicate their efforts to the augmented and virtual reality.

It is still early, 2017 has just begun and we can’t do assessments beyond what we have seen at the Conference from ASUS, and is that surely sooner or later the Taiwanese manufacturer by surrendering to the high-end with a smartphone with the best hardware on the market, although by now, We can only rejoice that ASUS has opened up much more the range.

On the one hand, Zenfone 3 Zoom adds two cameras following the trend of the market, but it does so with an innovative set formed by a main sensor with Aperture f/1.7 and 12 megapixels, which is complemented by other secondary sensor with 2.3 optical zoom increases.

Also a huge Board 5000 mAh battery an AMOLED Panel of 5.5 inches and resolution 1. 080p, and all animated by a solvent Snapdragon 625 which may no longer be much the price of the terminal or its energy consumption.

Little more need if what you want is a smartphone that improves both the photographic set in specifications of the sensor or sensors, such as adding an optical zoom hard to see in the market, but to also keep a balanced hardware.

Augmented reality and virtual reality have come to stay

For the other side of the equation of ASUS on this CES 2017, best opened a new section, because although it is true that here if we have a hardware according to the high end of the market, the truth is that the best ASUS Zenfone ar arrives in another section.

New cameras are the key, but this time because the AR Zenfone is the second smartphone compatible with Project Tango after Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, and this means that triple Chamber system gives the device’s spatial intelligence to understand the environment and the objects that surround him as you would a human being.

With a 821 Snapdragon chipset, up to 8 GB of RAM, panel Super AMOLED of 5.7 inches and resolution 1. 440p and its system of loudspeakers “immersive”, the truth is that the AR Zenfone surprised not by its hardare, but by their capabilities with virtual reality and augmented reality

Still in diapers are only 35 applications running with this three-dimensional mapping technology, but it is only a matter of time that all it should in our pockets as the capabilities of Project Tango are virtually infinite.

Do you think little? Since ASUS makes the AR Zenfone in the first smartphone in the world compatible with Project Tango and sometimes VR Daydream, the platform of virtual reality of Google who this year will attempt to finally take off this technology.

A letter of presentation more interesting for position ASUS as one of the most innovative manufacturers committed to the future of smartphones, something that no doubt will give them more visibility than a high range that will be overshadowed by the giants of the industry.

Is someone more like me running out of nails while we wait for test Project Tango and Daydream?

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