Audio-Jack, Audio-Jack Not… Is Android Losing The Opportunity to Differentiate Itself from Apple?

We know what you are thinking after reading the headline… and the donkey from the wheat! We we thinking something like that while we met the week’s theme, the presentation of the new HTC U with the Ultra U as standard bearer, who come to break with the HTC’s previous years but do not know if are what the Taiwanese firm really needs.

Do we do this, why HTC? Why do you reavivas a debate that we thought off with 7 iPhone already on the market without the famous standard audio-jack? Because the truth is that the discussion has become, and the leaks continue to indicate that the new high-end Android will also arrive without the headset jack, so it’s time to analyze if it is us the wrong, or are all device manufacturers.

Why delete something that doesn’t bother?

Surely there are many grounds to remove the audio jack of 3.5 mm in the list of specifications of our future devices, but what is also certain is that the reasons given by most manufacturers do not convince No one.

Is the future wireless? Because surely, but we wonder why delete a component that does not bother, is not over, and that is a recognized standard that facilitates the task of buying headphones or hands-free response when our smartphone does not include them or break we have.

We are told that It’s a space-saving, so devices can be smaller, accommodate more battery and have a better front use, but the truth is that the iPhone 7 is an example of use front nor the HTC U are large capacity battery.

Xiaomi my Mix, is a device that has marked trends in recent times with the optimization of their size and This Yes has audio-jack 3.5 mm in the top frame. Xiaomi has an army of geniuses who make miracles or is also wrong to keeping the headset port?

It is true that the headphone jack is a component of large size and which can be optimized or eliminated, but is also true that first realistic substitutes should be sought and not trust it all to adapters – well, more connectors that carry! – or headphones wireless that they cost enough money.

We don’t know what will happen in the future or do not have reliable information indicating that all the high-end renounce the audio-jack, but what we do know is that We must not fix what is not broken, and to accept the removal of a connector as standard we need compelling reasons.

Will the opportunity to differentiate itself from Apple lose Android?

As well, we will have to wait for the market to rule and know who finally opt to remove the earphones Jack, but if the rumors are confirmed and most of the high-end follows the footsteps of the Cupertino giant, many will have to consider their strategies.

The truth is that We already live this debate partly with ports for memory expansion, and although some like Google or Samsung played to delete it – Google still maintains the idea of only internal memory in their devices, the truth is that the market itself imposed the need to a memory expansion that has already accepted the high range.

Will we come back to live something similar? Will we see smartphones leave the headset jack to return to the list of specifications of their successors? Because it is difficult to see into the future, and especially in this case because we know that the future is wireless and passes through the democratization of prices Headphones Wireless, still too expensive for most users.

The truth is that he this is a debate similar to the of the memory expansion slot, which was the market itself who marked the trend. This time, Apple has led the way and some will follow, but we do not believe that the audio-jack is an important differentiator.

What is clear is that the first manufacturer to move has been HTC, demonstrating a lack of terrible personality with a few HTC U that dangerously seem to many of its competitors, and who have also opted to join the trend that remove the audio-jack without that suppose to improve the size of the device or its battery capacity.

We do not believe that headphones and their connectors pose a huge differentiation, nor do we believe that iPhone users flee Apple ecosystem due to the lack of audio-jack, but it is true that Android could lose the opportunity to listen to the market and maintain, for the time being, a connector that has tour while reasons are not to delete it.

The debate is there and will have to talk about the market, where we all, you and we, as users of smartphones. You can see her future to the headset jack or it will be swallowed up already without convincing reasons?