For anyone who does not know Bad Piggy Bank, It’s a system invented by Rovio which will allow us, from payments made directly to our telephone companies, buy novelties and improvements for their games, Angry Birds, etc….

These developments include for example, the Mighty Eagle, that will make that we let’s us phases of this game very easily, or remove advertising of the same. The good thing about this system is the ease with which we can acquire such improvements, the worst I think that it is exactly the same, now it will be much easier to spin us with our invoice.

Rovio does not rule out that this system can be used by other developers for their own applications, but after that they bundled with the SMS permissions for this same reason, I do not think that they give too much confidence that it works.

The makers of Angry Birds carry some time testing this system in Finland, country where he was born this company, with the company Elisa, and commented that it is ready to be used to worldwide. Themselves encourage us to question our phone companies about this issue to see if they will be or not compatible with the. See to see what happens in the next few days.